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Robert A. Johnson

Robert A. Johnson is a pioneer of analytical thought and a respected elder figure in the international Jungian community. As a young man, Johnson studied with J. Krishnamurti and later in life he wintered for 19 years in India, studying at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, but learning...

Customer Reviews for The Golden World

By Patricia Beattie
Date Added: Friday 6 July 2012
IIt was wonderful to get a distillationn of Robert Johnson's life''s work and advice on the path.
By Leonard Sroka
Date Added: Sunday 10 April 2011
I've read most Johnson's books, but hearing his sharing in his own voice has been a great gift to me. Thanks for making these audio recordings available.
By Heidi N Sjostrom
Date Added: Monday 9 July 2012
Much good wisdom in here, though it wanders a bit. Robert Johnson's presence is what it's about.
By Lamees Mansur
Date Added: Saturday 30 June 2012
This program was hard for me to follow. The presenter/author is up in age, and I had a challenging time keeping up with the material and the content and understanding it. I would think if someone has already studied his material and is into it, they may appreciate this one. As for me, I was lost.

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