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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and author of The Field and The Intention Experiment. As co-director of Conatus Plc. she is founder and editor (with her husband, publisher Bryan Hubbard) of some of the leading health newsletters in the U.K. and...

Customer Reviews for Living with Intention

By christina lambert
Date Added: Monday 2 April 2012
Excellent CD set for learning to interact with our unseen world. I listen to it in my car and on a regular basis to keep the concepts fresh. Taggert brings a fresh view of intention without the typical ties to any organization or philosophies.
By Jim Winzenburg
Date Added: Thursday 22 December 2011
This well-researched and data-filled CD not only motivated me to double-down on my intention-based guided meditation program, but also gave me insights into language and procedures that help the mind and spirit to process and act upon intention.
By Barbara Allan
Date Added: Saturday 24 December 2011
I like the information in this course, but I find Lynn Taggarts overblown ego annoying. If she says a sentence with "I interviewed X" in it the emphasis is on "I" and the credit that would normally be given to the people she learned from is so over shadowed by her vocal emphasis on herself, it is alsmost like their work doesn't count except that it was the amazing Lynn Taggert who they had the good fortune of talking with. That part gets a little sickening.
By Adam
Date Added: Wednesday 12 January 2011
Sorry, I'm sure Lynne means well with this book, but the science is glib and tenuous, skating over vast subjects in a few sentences and then drawing conclusions from them that are frankly a major stretch and oversimplifications often amounting to wishful thinking.
I totally believe that our intentions can affect the world around us, but I would put this as a brave but rather naive attempt at explaining it. Maybe it gets better - I didn't have the patience to get beyond the first hour.

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