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Maneesh de Moor lives and works in Amsterdam. An accomplished keyboardist, composer, and producer, de Moor has collaborated with Deva Premal, Praful, and Prem Joshua, and specializes in the crossover between ethnic and popular music—between natural and electronic sounds.For...

Customer Reviews for Om Deeksha

By Berenlit G
Date Added: Saturday 25 January 2014
The Om Deeksha is one of our best seller at our spiritual shop in Bali.

Can't keep them on the shelve for long time

Really love them
By gail r
Date Added: Saturday 11 January 2014
This is absolutely beautiful from beginning to end. I do not have the musical terms to explain particular phrases and melody to give clear musical imagery. I can say that the music takes you to heavenly places and beyond and is a welcome addition to my meditation.
By Brenda (Seva) W
Date Added: Friday 10 January 2014
As soon as I first heard this CD it resonated with me. I am playing it over and over. It helps me to stay in a beautiful peaceful space.
By Susan J
Date Added: Thursday 9 January 2014
Om Deeksha sets the mood for a transformational yoga class, I have had more people comment and ask for the name of the album. It is soothing to the mind, body and spirit, really assists in helping you get to that place of deepening into the pose. Pure and simply beautiful.
By Rita S
Date Added: Tuesday 31 December 2013
Really enjoy this music ... soothes my soul:)
By Caitlyn M
Date Added: Friday 6 December 2013
The CD isgreat
By Jane A
Date Added: Monday 12 August 2013
Yes all was very efficient and wonderful

Jane A
By Vanessa H
Date Added: Monday 29 July 2013
Date Added: Sunday 2 June 2013
The most amazing cd I have ever heard. I got stock with this cd. I have not even heard any of the other cd's I bought.
By Susan N
Date Added: Monday 13 August 2012
This is a wonderful CD. I really appreciated how quickly Sounds True sent it out to me as well. I had it in less than a week!
By Cathy
Date Added: Wednesday 13 June 2012
Beautiful, magical!
By tamera hafner
Date Added: Saturday 21 April 2012
Very happy with my purchase and your quick service.
By Barry McMurdo
Date Added: Wednesday 7 March 2012
Beautifully enchanting.
By Brenda Teagarden
Date Added: Friday 24 February 2012
Excellent. It is my second one.
By Terri Clinton
Date Added: Sunday 11 December 2011
I LOVE this cd and play it often, not just in my yoga and meditation classes, but also as background music when reading and working on my laptop. Soothing yet uplifting at the same time. I have had students comment on how good this music makes them feel. Well worth the purchase!
By Karen Barrett
Date Added: Friday 29 July 2011
Nicely balanced, world sounds, relaxing, yet thought provoking.
By Deirdre Affleck
Date Added: Wednesday 20 July 2011
Wonderful music and great service!
By Karen Barrett
Date Added: Monday 18 July 2011
Relaxing, connects me to a better place!
By James Mengini
Date Added: Sunday 8 May 2011
A beautiful production.
I start my day in inspired
sacredness that I receive
when listening to this music.
By James Kelly
Date Added: Saturday 26 March 2011
wonderful ! She's my favorite of all time
By Anne Marie Polich
Date Added: Saturday 26 February 2011
Beautiful, restful, loving music. Thank you for a great addition to my home (sanctuary)!
By JoAnna Yarnevich
Date Added: Thursday 24 February 2011
Out of all the CD's I had purchased, this one is my absolute favorite! It quiets my mind and soothes my soul! It has a wonderful selection of soothing music all the same, but yet different. The music from OM Deeksha is compelling for me. You'll see in the samples. Blessings, JA
By crowdancer
Date Added: Monday 30 November 2009
This music is truely transendental!! Having recieved Deeksha before listening to this music, I find that every time I listen, I recieve the Blessing again and my opening to Oneness is ever deepening. I highly recomend!
By Maria B
Date Added: Tuesday 7 January 2014
I'm not thrilled. I was hoping for a compilation of chanting which draws me in deeper into the spiritual realm. It is OK to listen to once in a while but I'm avoiding the repeat button and rather select others over it.
By kim m
Date Added: Monday 30 September 2013
Haven't listened to them yet.
By Berenlit G
Date Added: Saturday 25 January 2014
We actually have not receive the cds yet?

Wonder where they are now :)

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