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Oriah Mountain Dreamer

Oriah Mountain Dreamer was given her name by the elders with whom shestudied shamanism. A writer, teacher, mentor and group facilitator who hasbeen guiding others in a process of spiritual exploration for over thirtyyears Oriah is the author of the international bestselling...

Customer Reviews for Your Heart's Prayer

By Sandra J
Date Added: Monday 6 October 2014
My expectations were exceeded. Oriah's sharing is deep, personal, and hit home with me. She gave so much of herself and the depth of her sharing took me the deeper aspects of who I am. I so appreciated her words, "I will surrender to who you say I AM." And I will listen again.
By Marjorie E
Date Added: Wednesday 1 October 2014
Powerful set of CDs. My first time listening to Oriah. Her words helped better understand my own beliefs, and better explain them. Thank you, Oriah. Thank you, SoundsTrue!
By Nirved W
Date Added: Wednesday 12 March 2014
I've used them with our monthly Soul Gathering group, people of varied spiritual paths enquiring deeply into 'what is'. All have found them inspiring, supportive, so human, and redolent of the feminine face of spirituality, without any polarisation. Thank you.
By katherine aimone
Date Added: Saturday 25 January 2014
This is such a supportive and interesting talk, covering many topics that interest me. I will come back to it over and over. I highly recommend it.
By Liz Stewart
Date Added: Monday 7 March 2011
Oriah's self disclosures are very honest and witty. I feel touched profoundly with her take on life. Each time I listen to the CD I enoy deeper insights and greater awareness of my own path. Truly inspirational. Thank you so much.x
By David Bushman
Date Added: Sunday 6 March 2011
Oriah is able to speak to me. She has always been able to help me validate my own feelings and gives me ways to open up to the abundance of this universe, whether it be intimate interpersonal relationships or universal truths. Your Heart's Prayer is a beautiful lecture on how to slow down and get involved in this wonderful journey.
By Shirley
Date Added: Monday 11 October 2010
This is a fabulous CD set. It's like sitting with Oriah and listening to her great wisdom and deep- deep thoughts. Everytime I listen to it I hear something new! Love it!
By Terry
Date Added: Wednesday 18 August 2010
Oriah guides us into an inner journey full of wisdom, beauty, and community. Her voice is soothing and I love this cd set.

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