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Adyashanti is an American-born spiritual teacher devoted to serving the awakening of all beings. His teachings are an open invitation to stop, inquire, and recognize what is true and liberating...

Customer Reviews for True Meditation

By j p
Date Added: Tuesday 2 September 2014
Love this guy. A handful of talks and 3 guided meditations.
By Magloire A
Date Added: Saturday 16 August 2014
I love this program and recommend it to those who want to learn to practice true meditation.
By Pat T
Date Added: Wednesday 22 January 2014
This set of CD's is outstanding in it's presentation of the spiritual material and remarkably easy to follow in the meditations presented. I am enjoying it over and over.
By Tina M
Date Added: Saturday 4 January 2014
I've been looking for the truth in meditation for a long time. Adyashanti's True Meditation is the answer to my quest. The sound of the recording is clear and crisp. The concepts are explained well and easy to understand. I highly recommend this CD set for all seekers of the truth in meditation, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned meditator.
By Bill P
Date Added: Wednesday 25 December 2013
Excellent instructional meditation
By Teresa E
Date Added: Wednesday 2 October 2013
this was the best set I bought. what a gift, so much info
By Aycan M
Date Added: Saturday 7 September 2013
I found this work of Adyashanti very well prepared, informative and practical too. The concepts, ideas and approaches resonate with me. It's been very helpful for me. Thank you!
By Barbara F
Date Added: Thursday 22 August 2013
'True Meditation' is excellent.
By Alison H
Date Added: Tuesday 6 August 2013
Truly a master of Zen meditation. He brings out the best of someone following this recording.
By LauraB
Date Added: Monday 17 June 2013
Adya's teachings are a blessing in any format, but
I especially appreciate audio books for my "spiritual reference library." While I typically practice silent sitting, I cherish the three guided meditations provided with this audio book. I am pleased to be able to enjoy them on either my laptop or my Android.
By Danielle Orr
Date Added: Thursday 18 April 2013
I just love this guy! These are true supports for realizing the true nature of our situation.
By Tracy T
Date Added: Sunday 7 April 2013
A truly incredible teacher - completely changed how I viewed meditation practice. Thank you! This teaching was a gift beyond measure.
By Caroline E
Date Added: Thursday 7 March 2013
Adyashanti does a wonderful job of elucidating and enlightening.
By michael D
Date Added: Saturday 23 February 2013
one of the best cd I have ever used,I would recommened it to everyone who would like to go deeper in meditation, excellent!
By Carol C
Date Added: Wednesday 13 February 2013
Probably one of the most helpful lessons on meditation! Don't waste time with form, get started with content!
By Beverly M
Date Added: Monday 11 February 2013
I have enjoyed True Meditation and was happy to find a technique so similar to my method and beliefs. The guided meditations are wonderful.
By Scott C
Date Added: Wednesday 12 September 2012
Adyashanti has much further opened my life. He both illuminated what to do and not to do, and this is extremely helpful to me.
By Mildfred Anne Huff
Date Added: Tuesday 4 September 2012
This CD and his energy are impacting my life
in an amazing way. I am truly grateful.
By Dennica Burns
Date Added: Saturday 21 July 2012
Thought provoking...
By Eva Lindell
Date Added: Saturday 2 June 2012
By miro krizman
Date Added: Thursday 19 January 2012
There're no words to describe my satisfaction. I'm grateful.
By Brian B.
Date Added: Saturday 7 January 2012
I hadn't heard of Adyashanti until recently but he's quickly become one of my favorite teachers. This program along with his other program "The End of Your World" have really helped me to understand my own glimpses into the true nature of reality. In order to have these glimpses, one of the keys is to "allow everything to be as it is" as Adyashanti tells us. Highly recommend this program.
By Jan Kristiansson
Date Added: Friday 6 January 2012
A release from the strictures, unspoken commandments cluttering up the landscape of mediation. As full of grace as his work usually is.
By Scott Plummer
Date Added: Sunday 4 December 2011
Five stars because there is nothing 'wrong' with what Adyashanti proposes (and a lot 'right' with it).
However, what really is at the heart of nonduality?
Sit and be aware of presence.
I knew an old guy once who said he didn't have time for hobbies, that he'd rather sit down and 'rest' - about the same thing as 'nonduality'.
So five stars for Adyashanti - but did you really need to be told this?
By Karen Cooper
Date Added: Wednesday 19 October 2011
These are superb. I recommend them to any serious mediator.
By Dorothea E. Lutz
Date Added: Monday 29 August 2011
It is the first time I have heard Adyashanti and I am now a fan. I love his approach - "ease" . I have just ordered another set of CDs of his and it just arrived. Thank you for the opportunity to hear him.
By Michael Beck
Date Added: Wednesday 17 August 2011
I love Adyashanti's clear and precise manner of teaching.
By amanda kaye
Date Added: Wednesday 1 June 2011
This is an excellent recording which I have found incredibly helpful and liberating. User-friendly meditation.
By Patrick
Date Added: Thursday 10 March 2011
True Meditation is a very good book. I find it very insightful and helpful. The audio was good.
By Kathryn Ewald
Date Added: Tuesday 22 February 2011
Love it!!!
By Jo H
Date Added: Monday 15 November 2010
This audio is fantastic. I have been one of the sort of meditators that Adyashanti talks about who meditated for 20 years without truly being transformed. Listening to this audio and following the meditations has been just amazing for me, has led me to a space of stillness inside that I never knew has been waiting for me all that time.
By Bruce Furnival
Date Added: Saturday 10 July 2010
A very effective teaching. A method for enlightenment complete with guided meditations.
By Susan Hatzel
Date Added: Friday 23 April 2010
The meditations are so beautiful and liberating - I discover freedom listening to the talks and meditations. I'm so grateful for this - I love it!
By John Mankey
Date Added: Sunday 24 May 2009
I could not recommend this highly enough.
I came to Adyashanti through The End of Your World. I have bought that many meditation books, tapes, cds and even dvds over the years. This turns it all on its head. My life is now becoming a meditation.
By sharon r
Date Added: Thursday 13 March 2014
Adyashanti has knack for explaining what is unexplainable. I love listening to him. And, I like that he has a well-grounded background in more conventional practice and yet has found an approach that cuts through all that formalized training and gets right to the heart of "what it is."
By Tony J
Date Added: Friday 30 August 2013
Just the right message when I felt like my practice was feeling stale.
By Barbara Brown
Date Added: Saturday 7 July 2012
I find this helpful in keeping my mind still and realizing how to be quiet in a simple way.
By Charles Dunlevy
Date Added: Monday 16 January 2012
I have been meditating for quite a while, but needed some help. This set of talks and guided meditation did much to help me out, well worth it.
By Dolores Weaver
Date Added: Friday 18 November 2011
Aha...not compulsive thinking...
Understanding...without hanging on... Gets better with each time I listen.
By spkaser
Date Added: Friday 19 August 2011
He has wonderful teachings to share and a very clear way of expressing the intangibles. I listened to this in audio format and although I sometimes grew impatient at how often he repeated the same concepts, perhaps it is sometimes necessary to hear things more than once to fully comprehend them.
By chris lawry
Date Added: Monday 14 May 2012
very informative and enjoyable
By Justin Black
Date Added: Tuesday 3 May 2011
allowed me to let go of trying to let go.
By Jan H
Date Added: Thursday 9 January 2014
This was not what I expected or wanted. The first CD's were all lecturing format and the third CD which was supposed to be guided meditations (I thought) were actually more of the same type of lecturing. There wasn't much chance to experience meditation as the guide was talking/lecturing constantly.
By JoAnn J
Date Added: Friday 14 March 2014
Disappointed in this...the entire meditation could have been accomplished in about 5 minutes - too much repetition.
By Dean P
Date Added: Tuesday 18 February 2014
Slow and boring. Not what I expected.
By wade dickson
Date Added: Wednesday 25 April 2012
This comment refers only to disc 1 (I doubt if I will get to the other 2). I did not find this helpful mainy because of Adyashanti's approach of "going beyond meditation" to to meditative enquiry" which brings the mind back in, which is just the oposite of what meditation is. I have heard Adyshanti speak (on disc) several times and have been favourably impressed so this comes as a "dissapointment".
By Jan Bergeron
Date Added: Monday 16 January 2012
The first talk, on effortless effort, is pretty standard to any meditation practice. The second talk, on meditative self-inquiry, I didn't connect with at all. The guided meditations were pretty useless, directing us to do certain things, but not how to do them.

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