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John O'Donohue

John O'Donohue (1956-2008)

In early January 2008, the Sounds True family was deeply saddened by the loss of the Irish poet-philosopher John O'Donohue. John was a one-of-a-kind force of nature: a genius with words, a brilliant thinker, and a...

Customer Reviews for To Bless the Space Between Us

By Karen G
Date Added: Sunday 6 July 2014
5 star! This is truly a gift. Listening to the beauty and richness of his language provides another avenue into discovering our own awareness and gives piercing compassionate insight into the sensitivities of the human condition.
By Linda L
Date Added: Monday 30 June 2014
Excellent! His blessings are profound and peaceful.
By Lisa
Date Added: Tuesday 27 August 2013
I listed to the audio CD over and over as I drive --- so many of these poem blessings just "stop me in my tracks" with their power, intensity. This man truly captures raw emotion. His voice (Irish accent) is beautiful. These blessings lift me up and I am sending to my brother who is grieving a divorce.
By Joseph R
Date Added: Sunday 23 December 2012
Excellent customer service. Thank you.
By K. Peterson
Date Added: Tuesday 4 October 2011
Date Added: Friday 12 August 2011
By Maureen M.
Date Added: Friday 11 December 2009
What a gift this is to hear well thought out responses to everyday challenges, narrated with a spiritual groundedness. This provided sensitive and thought provoking compassionate thoughts .This is such an inspiring, kind and comforting contribution.
Maureen Martin
By William F
Date Added: Tuesday 8 July 2014
John O'Donohue's words stir the imagination and awaken the beauty of being alive.
Thank you,
By Felice Thorson-Boudreaux
Date Added: Friday 13 May 2011
Loved it!
By John Jennings
Date Added: Thursday 21 July 2011
Beautiful blessings and invocations. Not really useful for me. I gave it to a Methodist pastor as she thought it would be useful in her pastoral work.

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