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Caroline Myss is the author of four New York Times bestsellers: Anatomy of the Spirit, Sacred Contracts, Invisible Acts of Power, and Why People Don’t Heal and How They...

Customer Reviews for The Energetics of Healing

By Alice Biggs
Date Added: Monday 5 September 2011
Loved it! And her as usual....
Thank you
By Mary Aucoin
Date Added: Friday 6 May 2011
very interesting,always interested in the chakra's,
received very interesting information
By Wendy Magee
Date Added: Thursday 5 May 2011
Eye opener. Thank you.
By Linda Reneau
Date Added: Monday 5 March 2012
Entertaining as well as enjoyable. I am more aware of where things "reside" or settle in my energy field and I have a greater understanding of the chakras.
By Lily Clement-Brown
Date Added: Tuesday 2 August 2011
Very nice & thorough introduction to and overview of the energy systems for a new learner of energy medicine like myself.
By Sharon Kimura
Date Added: Tuesday 19 July 2011
This DVD is best suited to beginners or novices to the 7 chakra view of the energy or subtle body who want basic information on the relationship between the chakras and health. The 2 DVD set is essentially a lecture given by Caroline Myss using the Western device of the 7 chakras and runs about 3 hours. I say Western device, because the exact number of major chakras, the color related to each chakra and the organs/body area related to each chakra differ. The 7 chakra system is a Western convention. The differing number of chakras is understandable if you accept we have energy all around and through our bodies so perhaps what constitutes a major energy center or chakra and what each energy center relates to may produce differences depending on who is doing the evaluation. Plus different people sense energy in various ways. I've read or heard descriptions by clairvoyants who claim to be able to see the chakras/energy around our bodies say there are different colors over/through the chakras and around our bodies and the colors are constantly changing. If we accept their visions then we can only conclude the color associations and numbers are teaching tools and not meant to be taken so literally. Plus there are other energy systems such as the meridians not discussed in this DVD set so it only presents the limited 7 chakra view and the Myss take on it.

The back of the DVD reads "The Energetics of Healing offers a bold new vision of the human body and the unseen obstacles to healing." I didn't see anything new or bold presented. It's the usual mind, body, spirit connection that many people in the healing field speak and write about. And as noted the chakra energy system and ideas Myss is using is based on ancient teachings essentially from India. Some of the best moments are when Myss isn't lecturing, but simply sitting and reflecting. There is no Q&A session with the audience. It's pure Myss lecturing on her view of the chakras and how they relate to health. Along the way she also gives her tips on how to approach your health problems from the mind, body, spirit connection. Included with the 2 DVD set is a booklet summarizing the main points of the lecture. If you've read a book or two on the chakras, you probably already have more knowledge than offered on these DVDs.
By Connie H
Date Added: Tuesday 30 September 2014
I love Caroline. I participate in her webinars. I was a little disappointed to find that this was done quite some time ago. I guess I was looking for more current information.

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