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Joseph Marshall III

Joseph M. Marshall III is a teacher, historian, writer, storyteller, and a Lakota craftsman. He was born on the Rosebud Sioux Indian Reservation in South Dakota and raised in a traditional native household by his maternal grandparents. He has published nine...

Customer Reviews for Quiet Thunder

By kelly d
Date Added: Wednesday 26 December 2012
I already thought I knew quite a bit about Crazy Horse, who along with Geronimo are two of my true American heroes. But Mr. Marshall enlightened me even more as I learned so much not only about this man, but also about lakota culture. Most of my reading about this period of history has been by Caucasian historians, not that their offerings weren't factual, but none of them ever shed the light on the subject as does Mr. Marshall. While my heart ached as he recounted the tragedies that befell his ancestors, I also felt a sense of awe for their strength and courage in facing overwhelming odds.His voice is easy to listen to and I know I'll be listening to this again on my next trip.
By Brian Cundle
Date Added: Thursday 19 January 2012
Never any problems.
Happy with the download!
By Roy Lucianna
Date Added: Tuesday 27 December 2011
I have listened to all of the CD's and today, a month later, started them over again. What can I say? They are delightful, inspiring, comforting... I seems to me that the Lakota way would resonate with any human being. The stories and the wisdom are universal, the breadth is as wide as the sky.
Marshall's voice and phrasing are a perfect vehicle.
By Marilyn Henry
Date Added: Thursday 5 July 2012
My admiration for John Marshall's storytelling and ability to bring Native American culture to life continues to grow. More history than story. Some parts are repetitious but overall a good presentation.
By Curtis McCosco
Date Added: Tuesday 1 December 2009
Fascinating and engaging as this richly detailed history is, the spiritual wisdom embodied by the life of this “wica,” complete man, is what make this story worth studying and remembering.

Crazy Horse’s greatness and legacy are to be found and taught in the impeccable manner with which he conducted his life.

Here Marshall is at his best weaving an elaborate tapestry of Native American Spirituality where Indians view the land and waters, all creatures and plants as honored relatives rather than with the appalling attitude of the invaders who still treat the world as a commodity. .. read full review at: http://www.circlesoflight.com/blog/crazy-horse-biography/

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