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Laura Alden Kamm

Laura Alden Kamm has been described as "a walking MRI" for the remarkable accuracy of her medical intuition. She has worked as a medium and remote viewer and trains corporate leaders in innovative problem solving through her Inner Edge Program. She is the author of...

Customer Reviews for Unlocking Your Intuitive Power

By Diane Peterson
Date Added: Thursday 16 January 2014
This is a wonderful audio program. Laura explains how to become a medical intuitive in the easiest sense and the meditations at the end of each CD are really great. I recommend this program for anyone on a spiritual healing path.
By David S
Date Added: Thursday 9 January 2014
This program proves wonderfully detailed instruction for developing intuitive abilities and comprehensive knowledge of the subject. Laura Alden Kamm is an accomplished intuitive who understands the field deeply and who provides a program with clarity and gentle support for a delicate process.
By Tim p
Date Added: Monday 17 September 2012
This program was very interesting
By Dorothea Fischer
Date Added: Tuesday 3 April 2012
An extraordinary teaching by an extraordinary healer. Transformative and amazing. Great work, thanks for pubiishing this tape.
By Helen Henry
Date Added: Saturday 31 March 2012
By Teresa MacPherson
Date Added: Wednesday 22 February 2012
Brilliant. What a great teacher!
By carla mellow
Date Added: Thursday 5 January 2012
I am learning so much about my body and the energies that surround us all.
By Nancy Henderson
Date Added: Thursday 27 October 2011
A beautiful exploration from an apparently sincere teacher.
Date Added: Sunday 27 March 2011
VERY basic & practical ! Husband & I both appreciate this one. it gives me a language/wordage for what I've been expreriencing for the past 50 yrs. Thank*you,
By Sharon Kimura
Date Added: Friday 8 July 2011
Laura Alden Kamm's journey as a medical intuitive as interesting and informative and the exercises and meditations are easy.
By James Anglewicz
Date Added: Sunday 3 April 2011
This program was interesting. I would recommend this program to someone interested in intuition.
By Eric Dumas
Date Added: Friday 16 March 2012
It's OK, no more. The author , just like Caroline Myss' could use a more modest tone. There's clearly a lot of work between what she claims she can do and what a beginner can do. The meat comes a bit late in the program. There's a fine line where the author needs to let us know about their background, etc. vs just talking about the programs. I think the author could have clipped some biographical stuff that was not very important. However, i will give her program another chance down the road.

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