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Nubia Teixeira

Nubia Teixeira started practicing yoga at the age of 16. Borrowing from different traditions, teachers, and cultures, she has developed a teaching style that is flexible, spontaneous, and sensitive to the needs of her students. Her classes are rooted in the heart of Bhakti,...

Customer Reviews for Pranayama

By gabriela m
Date Added: Tuesday 24 December 2013
This recording is absolutely beautiful. Nubia's radiant presence shines through, with impeccable guidance, heart warming tone and a musical score that delights and nourishes the soul. This recording offers a user friendly deepening to any yoga and meditation practice, and serves listeners to b come both educated and engaged in the practice of pranayama. Breath is Life! Nubia invites us to this remembrance with pure grace. *LOVE* Highly recommend it!
By Sean
Date Added: Sunday 23 October 2011
Good introduction to the exercises of Pranayama. In nine days, can experience many of the techniques. Very helpful if you can't get a teacher to work with you on Pranayama.
By Andrew Fynn
Date Added: Friday 30 November 2012
I found this a wonderful introduction to Pranayama. It transported me to the quiet place inside.
By srinivasan Narayanaswamy
Date Added: Saturday 22 October 2011
sweet, simple & gentle work with our breath. But new age-ey...so if you are look for some authentic guided pranayama practice...this is not the one

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