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Joe Dominguez

The late Joe Dominguez was born in Spanish Harlem, and worked for ten years on Wall Street as a financial analyst. He retired at age 30 in 1969, and spent the rest of his life teaching people how to achieve financial independence by changing the way they think about - and spend...

Customer Reviews for Transforming Your Relationship with Money

By Teri May
Date Added: Wednesday 12 October 2011
By Woody M
Date Added: Tuesday 2 April 2013
Different approach on money and finances. Refreshing!
By Richard Walsh
Date Added: Friday 23 September 2011
There are lots of lessons in here to take heed of - particularly in a world dominayed by credit and credit cards. I'm not sure I could ever 'track' as much as Joe says is necessary but have no doubt that the more that you do it the better you financial health will be. If you actually take the time to do all the exercises and write down you answers it will take quite some time. It suggests that ideally you would complete the course in one sitting....that would be a long day. All in all very worthwhile.
By Imelda Pearce
Date Added: Wednesday 7 March 2012
I haven't taken the kind of time to listen to this program with the attention demanded. The instructions involve listening to all of it in one or two sittings, and reading the booklet along with it. The reason i buy tapes is to listen in my car, while I drive. I am taking a college course, so I don't need to be more challenged. I have a sense this will be helpful when I have the time and inclination to absorb it.
By Jim
Date Added: Wednesday 16 November 2011
Not Worth the money! You can get much better info on-line for free if you search the title.
By laurel rancitelli
Date Added: Friday 29 April 2011
Just didn't care for it. Nothing very enlightening.
Not worth the *money* IMO!

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