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In the Sounds True workplace, we’re practically swimming in spiritual books, CDs, and DVDs. Many of us feel like we’ve “seen and heard it all.” From this ocean of goodness, what do we personally, truly like? What actually inspires us and resonates with us at the deepest level? Have a look at some of the programs that have made the greatest impact on our lives.

Haven Recommends:

Living as a River

Living as a River


An eloquent book of spiritual and scientific insights to help us embrace impermanence. Learn More

Haven I.
Book Editor

“Reading Bodhipaksa’s writing is often like reading poetry. It is simply a beautiful experience. As I was reading, I felt like I was dissolving—and when finished I felt a serenity as if I’d spent a whole weekend in meditation. And with this deep calm, I found myself much more able to weather the surprises and challenges in life.”

Jennifer Recommends:

Yoga Mama, Yoga Baby

Yoga Mama, Yoga Baby

Margo Shapiro Bachman

Meditations, breathwork, and gentle yoga for radiant health and joy throughout pregnancy. Learn More

Jennifer B.
Director of Acquisitions

“Over the years I have come to feel that changing the way we bring our children into the world may do more than anything else to bring about the peaceful, mutually supportive, compassionate society we desire. I was therefore just delighted when this guide to applying the wisdom of yoga's sister science Ayurveda to every stage of pregnancy came our way. What I would have given for this book when I was a yoga-mama-to-be! There was nothing like it available at the time, and I see very few books on the topic even now. I love the sweet illustrations and the warm, well-informed guidance Margo provides to pregnant women seeking a healthier, happier experience of pregnancy, and a safe, positive birth experience. It makes me happy to think about a new generation of well-nurtured babies being born to their radiant, relaxed yoga mamas.”

Grayson Recommends:

You're It!

You're It!

Alan Watts

Classic talks on the “great game” of the universe—a 12-hour audio retreat with Alan Watts. Learn More

Grayson T.

“To me, Alan Watts is the epitome of a great teacher. There are a lot of teachings that are present in most of the wisdom traditions, but when I listen to Watts, I actually get them at a deep level. And the most important one for me is how we can cherish and revere life by not taking it so seriously.”

Trista Recommends:

The Good Life of Helen Nearing

The Good Life of Helen Nearing

Helen Nearing

Timeless teachings from a pioneer in the simple living movement. Learn More

Trista R.
Customer Service and Human Resources Manager

“Oh what a fantastic program! My biggest takeaway is to remember that simple living is a beautiful way to live. I certainly try to keep that in mind when I think that food from my favorite restaurant sounds better than the salad I could put together with veggies from my own garden. This program inspires me!”

Jaime Recommends:



Danny Dreyer, Katherine Dreyer

An experienced ultramarathoner's guide to enhancing your run by tapping into the energy of chi. Learn More

Jaime S.
Associate Editor/Contracts Manager

“Danny Dreyer’s amazing program combines t’ai chi principles with running and focuses on the meditative aspects of the sport. Before I began incorporating ChiRunning movement principles, I suffered from tremendous knee pain during and after long runs. Now I run half marathons with no knee pain whatsoever.”

Kasmah Recommends:

The Joy of Eating Well

The Joy of Eating Well

Andrew Weil, Carolyn Ross

Two integrative physicians share a new approach to eating for optimal health. Learn More

Kasmah M.
Executive Assistant

“This audio program is wonderful. For anyone who has struggled to find a balance with eating and enjoying their food, this hits it right on. Food is about nourishing your body and also to be delicious and pleasurable. Lots of great information to feed your soul and body.”

April Recommends:

Mantras, Beats & Meditations

Mantras, Beats & Meditations


The soul of yoga meets hip-hop genius for moving, reveling, and revelation. Learn More

April W.
Customer Service Event Specialist

“I love this CD! I love hearing anything that creatively combines old world tradition and new world beats. It’s fresh and alive with energy!”


Joe Recommends:

Resurrecting Jesus

Resurrecting Jesus


Reconnect to the transformational power of Jesus' life and teachings. Learn More

Joe D.
Copy Chief

“For anyone carrying unresolved confusion or suffering associated with their past experiences with Christianity, here’s a book to help you finally let all of that go so that you can rediscover the radiant being known as Jesus, and explore directly how each one of us is truly called to experience heaven on earth right here and now.”

Randy Recommends:

Abiding in Mindfulness Collection

Abiding in Mindfulness Collection

Joseph Goldstein

Immerse yourself in a three-volume program of advanced Buddhist teachings. Learn More

Randy R.

“In ‘Abiding in Mindfulness,’ Joseph Goldstein goes through the Satipatthana Sutta—Buddha’s own summary of his teachings—one line and sometimes even one word at a time, unwrapping and illustrating the text with personal anecdotes, teaching stories, and poetry from all ages and cultures. Joseph’s ability to respond to this text in almost rapturish detail gives us a taste of what life would look like if we too could see the world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wildflower.”

Kyé Recommends:

The Desire Map

The Desire Map

Danielle LaPorte

Tap into your true desires in order to achieve your goals—a powerful feelings-first method from a popular entrepreneur and social media sensation. Learn More

Kyé J.
​​Marketing Coordinator

“I wholeheartedly recommend The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte. This dazzling book inspires me to dive in and swim among these exhilarating words. I love the list of 150+ positive feelings; it feels like an instant boost of positivity. I resonate deeply with the intentions, goals, and beautiful quotes sprinkled throughout the pages. If you are looking to spark creativity, growth, and transformation, this book will feed your soul. Jump in today!”

Paul Recommends:

Falling into Grace

Falling into Grace


Fundamental teachings on surrendering to the grace that ends personal suffering. Learn More

Paul B.
Chief Strategy Officer

“Adyashanti is one of my favorite spiritual teachers. He combines what I love so much about Eckhart Tolle’s teachings with practical advice to help us wake up to who we truly are. Falling into Grace, as profiled on Super Soul Sunday with Oprah, is simply a must read! Enjoy!”