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Return, Remember, and Awaken in the Light of Your Deepest Essence

In June 2016, Adyashanti and Sounds True launched an innovative new experience in continual, week-by-week awakening: Adyashanti Weekly: Moments of Grace, a series of spontaneous spoken-word transmissions from the celebrated spiritual teacher Adyashanti.

Recorded in his own home whenever inspiration arose, this yearlong series of audio encounters reflect an immediacy and freshness that inspire and illuminate each time we listen to them.

For those who began their subscription after our June 7 launch—or wish to hear any past episodes—this is the place to purchase prior episodes.

In these talks, Adyashanti helps us:

  • Enter a contemplative space of reflection each week to quiet the distractions that pull us away from true presence
  • Engage in self-inquiry and questions for reflection
  • Tune in to the small, fleeting moments of grace that pass us by each day, and nurture their full blossoming
  • Find the quiet strength to lean more fully into life and our connections with others
  • Gain the courage, day by day, to embrace our challenges
  • Recognize and become more intimate with life's deeper meaning and significance
  • Remember and re-immerse ourselves in the limitless well of vitality and aliveness of our essential nature
  • And discover the unexpected as he brings us inspiring and surprising sessions each week for a full year

Want to learn more about this immersive new offering? Visit the Adyashanti Weekly: Moments of Grace home page


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Adyashanti Weekly: Vol 1

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Adyashanti Weekly: Vol 2

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Adyashanti Weekly: Vol 3

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Adyashanti Weekly: Vol 4

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Adyashanti Weekly: Vol 5

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Adyashanti Weekly: Vol 6

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Adyashanti Weekly: Vol 7

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Adyashanti Weekly - Vol 8

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Adyashanti Weekly - Vol 9

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Adyashanti Weekly - Vol 10

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Adyashanti Weekly - Vol 11

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Adyashanti Weekly - Vol 12

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Adyashanti Weekly - Vol 13

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