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The Practice of Mindfulness: 6 Guided Practices

Breathing Meditations


Breathing Meditations

The transformational power inherent in the simple act of breathing is truly remarkable. With Breathing Meditations, join seven Sounds True authors for a series of simple guided practices that can open you to the many benefits of breathwork—from a deeper sense of presence and serenity in the moment, to revitalized health and ease of being, to creative insight and higher perspective, and more.

Tracks include:

  1. "Breathing Meditation" by Jack Kornfield from Meditation for Beginners
    Learn the art of following the breath, a foundational skill for all meditators, with Jack Kornfield, co-founder of the Insight Meditation Society.

  2. The Relaxing Breath" by Andrew Weil, MD from Breathing: The Master Key to Self-Healing
    Dr. Andrew Weil gives us a potent practice for activating the body's relaxation response and returning to balance after stressful situations.

  3. "Breath Meditation" by Sharon Salzberg from Guided Meditations for Love and Wisdom
    A mindful breathing practice that helps us open the heart and experience compassion for ourselves and others.

  4. "Soft Belly" by James Gordon, MD from Freedom from Depression
    Harvard-educated psychiatrist Dr. James Gordon presents a guided exercise for liberating stuck energy in the body.

  5. "Observing the Breath" by Shinzen Young from Meditation: A Beginner's Guide
    An introductory meditation inviting us to discover what can happen through full and complete attention to the breath.

  6. "The Power Breath" by Mark Thornton from Meditation in a New York Minute
    Executive meditation coach Mark Thornton teaches us a stress-reducing practice that both relaxes and reenergizes the body.

  7. "Meditation on the Breath" by Sally Kempton from Beginning Meditation
    A guided meditation in which our breath becomes the doorway to the depths of the self.

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