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Deepening Intimacy

Essential Insights for the Most Important Relationship of Your Life

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Deepening Intimacy

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Have you seen this happen among your friends or in your own life: a love that begins with passion and possibility eventually drifts into dissatisfaction, conflict, routine, or a parting of ways?

What You'll Learn:

  • How the wounds of our past influence our relationships, and how to begin healing them together
  • Recent findings from the field of attachment theory for creating a safe and secure relationship
  • Working with—not against—our biology and neurology
  • How early childhood dynamics create lifelong patterns
  • Emotional literacy, a crucial element of healthy connection
  • How does passion evolve in long-term intimate relationships?
  • Understanding criticism and blaming, and shifting to healthier strategies
  • What to do when you want to feel closer to your partner
  • Conflict first-aid: Step-by-step guidance for "hot" situations
  • Difficult conversations with your partner—how-to essentials
  • How to repair and heal after arguments
  • Small things that will make a big difference in your relationship
  • Key insights to help you build deeply nourishing and mutually supporting long-term intimacy

And yet, there are couples who continue to deepen their relationships year after year, support each other's dreams and inner evolution, and inspire others far beyond their own relationship.

The question is: What on earth are they doing right … and would someone please tell the rest of us?

With Deepening Intimacy, we invited 17 acclaimed relationship and couples experts to teach us their most valuable, must-know essentials for resolving the obstacles to healthy intimacy and creating a deeply fulfilling life partnership.

Our line-up of teachers includes:

  • Harville Hendrix, PhD and Helen Hunt, PhD
  • Stan Tatkin, PsyD
  • Sue Johnson, PhD
  • Robert Augustus Masters, PhD
  • Julia B. Colwell, PhD
  • John Gray, PhD
  • Harriet Lerner, PhD
  • Gay Hendricks, PhD and Katie Hendricks, PhD
  • Bruce Tift, LMFT
  • Rick Hanson, PhD
  • John Welwood, PhD
  • David Schnarch, PhD
  • David Richo, PhD
  • Ellyn Bader, PhD and Peter Pearson, PhD

Through their proven approaches, they've helped hundreds of thousands of couples. And they've kept their work current with recent findings in neuroscience, evolutionary biology, attachment theory, relationship dynamics, and more.

If you want to deepen the love and connection between you and your life partner—or if you're seeking to make your next relationship a more fulfilling one—we invite you to join us in this information-filled series.

The Deepening Intimacy program is free—all 16 sessions. It launches on Monday, February 10th, 2014 at 6 pm ET. Registration is easy, sign up here.

Please note: When you register, you'll receive our enews communications and those of some participating teachers. You may unsubscribe at any time.


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Customer Reviews

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Review for Deepening Intimacy Review by Diana Feldman

Dear Tami,
I have just watched your conversation with David Richo and want to say how profoundly touched I was by what I heard - his simplicity and authenticity moved me deeply as did the content of what he said. Thank you for the way you conduct all the conversations in this series.
Warm greetings,

(Posted on 3/25/2014)

Review for Deepening Intimacy Review by Amy

I am SO enjoying this series. I'm relistening to the first 2 weeks podcasts and get more out each time. This information is SO useful and necessary and applicable to my relationship. THANK YOU!

(Posted on 2/27/2014)

2 Item(s)


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Date Published February 10, 2014
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