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  1. Light Body Sound Healing

    Light Body Sound Healing

    Aleya Dao

    Ethereal toning blended with the sounds of nature to lift the spirit and promote healing. Learn More

    $8.92 $11.38

  2. Crystal Bowl Sound Healing

    Crystal Bowl Sound Healing

    Tryshe Dhevney

    Gemstone singing bowl music to impart deep physical and energetic healing. Learn More

    $8.92 $11.38

  3. A Celtic Pilgrimage with John O'Donohue

    A Celtic Pilgrimage with John O'Donohue

    John O'Donohue

    A tour of Ireland's sacred landscape with the late Irish poet John O'Donohue. Learn More

    $10.48 $13.37

  4. Deep Calm

    Deep Calm

    Andrew Weil, Joshua Leeds

    Psychoacoustically rearranged classical compositions for optimum relaxation. Learn More

    $9.44 $12.05

  5. The Sound Healing Collection

    The Sound Healing Collection

    Jeffrey Thompson, David Ison, Steven Halpern, Joseph Nagler, ...

    Healing music from Jeffrey Thompson, David Ison, Steven Halpern, and other gifted artists. Learn More

    $22.39 $31.98

  6. Harp Music for Healing

    Harp Music for Healing

    Sarajane Williams

    Soothing music clinically demonstrated to reduce anxiety and ease physical pain. Learn More

    $9.44 $12.05

  7. Resonance


    Peter Kater


    “This music emerged within a three month-period of deep inquiry and reflection. It was born of the fire and ashes of self-dissolution and self-discovery– of a deep longing for connection and sustained intimacy and a powerful surrender into and acceptance of what ‘is.’

    There is love and there is fear. There is light and there is darkness. And as we learn to embrace all of our selves and all of each other, we nurture the experience of grace and compassion and a deep loving and passionate peace. Throughout our life’s experience, within ourselves and each other, we share a deep RESONANCE with all that exists.”

    —Peter Kater Learn More

    $8.91 $11.38

  8. The Musical Body: Harmonizer

    The Musical Body: Harmonizer

    David Ison

    Release energetic blockages created by accumulated emotional and physical stress. Learn More


  9. The Darkest Midnight

    The Darkest Midnight

    Noirin Ni Riain

    The nativity brought to life in Irish holiday music sung in English, Gaelic, and Latin. Learn More


  10. Music As Medicine

    Music As Medicine

    Nawang Khechog

    A musical apothecary of soothing melodies and healing chants—with guest R. Carlos Nakai. Learn More

    $8.92 $11.38

  11. Mantra


    Thomas Ashley-Farrand

    More than eight hours of expert insight on using Sanskrit mantras to change your life. Learn More


  12. Gamma Meditation System (2-CD Set)

    Gamma Meditation System (2-CD Set)

    Jeffrey Thompson

    Studies of meditating Tibetan Buddhist monks show high levels of these gamma brainwaves. Learn More

    $10.39 $15.98

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Items: 1-12 of 550

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