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  1. The Neurodharma of Love

    The Neurodharma of Love

    Rick Hanson

    Transform your relationships with emerging insights from neuroscience and Buddhism. Learn More

    $15.73 $26.00

  2. The Power of Awareness (Course Available 6/19/17)

    The Power of Awareness (Course Available 6/19/17)

    Jack Kornfield, Tara Brach

    The Power of Awareness (Course Available 2/27/2017) Learn More


  3. Building Emotional Intelligence

    Building Emotional Intelligence

    Linda Lantieri, Daniel Goleman

    For parents and educators, a breakthrough book-and-CD program to boost kids' resiliency. Learn More

    $10.17 $11.36

  4. The Empath's Survival Guide

    The Empath's Survival Guide

    Judith Orloff

    Dr. Judith Orloff has spent decades working with empaths—those highly sensitive people who not only feel others’ emotions, but also have few defenses against them. Now, this New York Times bestselling author presents an essential toolkit for empaths and their loved ones. On this unabridged audio recording of the book, you’ll discover proven techniques for heading off emotional fatigue, finding nourishing work and relationships, and bringing your empathic gifts to an often overwhelming world. Learn More

    $15.72 $29.00

  5. The Four-Fold Way

    The Four-Fold Way

    Angeles Arrien

    In The Four-Fold Way, cultural anthropologist and teacher Angeles Arrien shares a four-part curriculum for navigating day-to-day tasks alongside the mystical and the transcendent. Through the archetypes of Healer, Visionary, Teacher, and Warrior, Dr. Arrien guides listeners toward a more thorough, reverent, and present approach to all of life.

    Learn More


  6. Getting Grit

    Getting Grit

    Caroline Adams Miller

    What allows a person to achieve their dreams? Grit, defined as “passion and perseverance tin pursuit of long-term goals,” has emerged from current research as a key quality for success and happiness. Now bestselling author Caroline Miller brings you evidence-based tools for cultivating this essential trait. Here she explores the character of gritty people; the three kinds of false grit; how true grit inspires others; the importance of humility, self-compassion, and spirituality; and much more.

    Learn More


  7. Feminine Genius

    Feminine Genius

    LiYana Silver

    “Women are like candle flames,” writes LiYana Silver. “We can be dazzling sources of light and fire. But most of us are dimmed down, stressed out, and burnt out. The woman who will help to light and heal our world does the radical act of turning her own inner flame back on.” Feminine Genius combines LiYana’s insightful prose with nitty-gritty practices to help us break free of the conditioned cages that keep us trapped and reclaim the sensuality, power, and wild intelligence hidden within.

    Learn More


  8. Nonviolent Communication

    Nonviolent Communication

    Marshall Rosenberg

    How to apply peaceful communication strategies at home, work, or in stressful situations. Learn More

    $15.73 $20.07

  9. The Gifts of Imperfect Parenting

    The Gifts of Imperfect Parenting

    Brené Brown

    Teachings on vulnerability, shame, and worthiness to help us create wholehearted families. Learn More

    $8.00 $13.37

  10. Conscious Relationships

    Conscious Relationships

    John Welwood

    Practical insights into the hidden issues impeding the relationships you yearn for. Learn More

    $12.00 $13.10

  11. Name That Emotion

    Name That Emotion

    Erin Olivo

    A free ebook with practical teachings for mindfully navigating your experience of eight core emotions. Learn More
  12. The New Physics of Love

    The New Physics of Love

    Henry Grayson

    An intelligent guide to love, drawing on world wisdom teachings and quantum physics. Learn More


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