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Sound Healing: Music Designed for Inner Balance and Well Being

Sound Healing:

Music Designed for Inner Balance and Well Being

Sound Healing: Music Designed for Inner Balance and Well Being

Sound Healing brings you seven new selections from the Sounds True music collection. These beautiful compositions are intended to facilitate relaxation and wellness on the physical level—and a flowering of compassion and wisdom through an open heart and mind. Enjoy ambient pieces by sound healing pioneers Silvia Nakkach and Marjorie de Muynck, the soothing flute of Nawang Khechog, Michael Brant DeMaria's music for emotional healing, and more.

Tracks include:

  1. "Firefly Call" by Silvia Nakkach from Medicine Melodies
    "To me, music is a planet on which we all can live together and communicate beyond language, religion, and the illusion of cultural diversity. Music has the irrefutable power to heal the cultural divide, and it is my intention that when you listen to this album, you'll feel as culturally free and open as I felt when I created this music." –Silvia Nakkach

  2. "Zenith" by Christopher of the Wolves from Reiki Healing Music
    Experience the relaxing tones of the Japanese scale hang drum.

  3. "Return to Peace" by Kimba Arem from Vibrational Sound Healing
    A sonic journey into the subtle realms of music as medicine.

  4. "Ancient Aquifier" by Marjorie de Muynck from In the Key of Earth
    A rich interpretation of the call and response of creation.

  5. "East" by Alex Theory from Earth
    Alex invites us to re-align with the organic rhythms of our planet with this deeply calming composition.

  6. "First Light" by Michael Brant DeMaria from In the Flow
    Michael intends this piece to serve as "a healing balm of acceptance and love...soothing pain...releasing fear..."

  7. "Meditation" by Nawang Khechog and R. Carlos Nakai from Music as Medicine
    A musical exploration of the essence of ancient healing through a contemporary approach.

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