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Wired to Connect

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Wired to Connect

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Daniel Goleman in Dialogue with Seven Pioneers of the Psyche

Daniel Goleman’s work with emotional and social intelligence has been a source of inspiration for millions of people. In the Wired to Connect dialogues, Goleman meets with leading thinkers whose virtuosity and innovation have transformed their own fields.

Here is a unique opportunity to join these modern pioneers in their explorations of the human psyche, and through their discoveries gain useful insights for our own lives. This seven-part program features:

  • Better Parents, Better Spouses, Better People with Daniel J. Siegel, MD
    The neural patterns formed in childhood impact our lives as parents, lovers, and people. Here’s how we can free ourselves from the hold of our past to create richer, more balanced relationships.
  • Knowing Our Emotions with Paul Ekman, PhD
    Through the connection between facial expression and feeling, we can check harmful emotions before they overwhelm our better judgment. Learn how we can use the science of Facial Action Coding to constructively harness our emotions.
  • Socially Intelligent Computing with Clay Shirky, PhD
    Emotional connection is vital for effective communication—yet our virtual messages can’t convey this essential information. An exploration of how to open channels for genuine emotional interaction channels in the online world.
  • Rethinking Education: Educating Hearts and Minds with George Lucas
    Traditional classroom models have been shown to actually inhibit learning and disengage today’s children from the joy of education. Can high technology help us restore students’ inherent love of learning?
  • The Inner Compass for Ethics and Excellence with Naomi Wolf
    Many women today struggle against social training that inhibits their confidence and genuine expression. Learn how we can remove these obstacles at the neural level, allowing women to speak from the heart, build trust, and own their power as leaders.
  • Training the Brain with Richard Davidson, PhD
    Explore the science of how contemplative practice affects our neurology—how we can activate our brains to recover from stress and anxiety and conquer fear.
  • Good Work: Aligning Skills and Values with Howard Gardner, PhD
    Meeting the challenge of turning personally meaningful and ethical work into a rewarding, profitable career.

Daniel Goleman, PhD, covered the brain and behavioral sciences at the New York Times for 12 years. He is cofounder of the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learnings. His books include Emotional Intelligence, Social Intelligence, and Ecological Intelligence.

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Review for Wired to Connect Review by Joseph Breiteneicher

I use the ideas from this set all the time in my writing. Wired to Connect is a pretty amazing overview of all these different fields that are not generally considered in concert - like education, leadership, neuroscience, online social networks, mediation - and yet through these cds their deep interconnection is brought to light in an easily accessible way. The thinkers that Goleman features on this set are top-tier leaders in their particular worlds, and their insight combines with Goleman's own knowledge on social and emotional intelligence in an effortless stream of great ideas.

(Posted on 9/1/2009)

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Contents 7 CDs (450 minutes)
Date Published May 01, 2009
Dimensions 5 x 5 inches
Product Code OS01393D