The Blessing of Peace

Every producer at Sounds True has their dream projects. For Mitchell Clute, one such recording was Just Being Here: Rumi and Human Friendship. “Even before I worked at Sounds True, I loved Coleman Barks’ translations and his deep-voiced, big-hearted delivery of Rumi’s ecstatic poetry.” When paired with the spacious music of virtuoso cellist David Darling, Coleman’s readings of Rumi’s poetry unfolded in new and extraordinary ways. “In truth,” says Mitchell, “I could choose any track from this program as an example of how beautifully Coleman and David’s partnership works. But this one, called ‘Raggedness,’ sticks with me as one of my favorites.”


2 Responses to “The Blessing of Peace”

  1. franklin crawford Says:

    Thank you. I know you have to introduce these productions with a little background, I’d prefer if you posted the text and delivered it, at the end of the performance. Other than that, as a writer, musician, poet and photographer, this is marvelous. Thank you.

    Franklin Crawford

  2. Darinka Says:

    Absolutely beautiful – thank you. The whole world needs this right now, everyone should listen and feel the beauty of music, it pulsates through the mind and body and is just wonderful to experience. This is truly a time of awakening.
    Love and Peace always

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