Lisa Wimberger: The Power of Neurosculpting

Lisa Wimberger is a living example of what is possible using the tools of modern science for self-directed brain change,” says Sounds True producer Randy Roark. “She embodies what I call becoming ‘Human 2.0.’” As Lisa explains in this selection from the audio course Neurosculpting: A Step-by-Step Program to Change Your Brain and Transform Your Life, she began using the tools of positive neuroplasticity for more than just a self-improvement project. Suffering from a rare neurological disorder, the tools she presents in this program were literally a means for her to try to stay alive. What she learned on her own personal journey became a system of practices that have a tremendous track record for to enacting positive brain change. “I firmly believe that if we took charge of our lives and brains the way Lisa has,” says Randy, “we all have the potential to become our own form of Human 2.0.”


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