“Keep Going, Say What You Know”

Tami Simon reveals the three most important lessons sheโ€™s learned (and un-learned) over Sounds Trueโ€™s 25 years of exploring spiritual frontiers.

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  1. Dave Gerlits Says:


    How very nice to see you and hear you, after being such a big fan of yours for a big chunk of the 25 years you have been on this path.

    Your lessons ring true with me. Thank you for sharing them.

  2. Lucille Avakian Karnik Says:

    Wow, In the context of knowing you for over 30 years, I found your message to be very empowering and refreshing. Wishing you all the best and recovery from this crazy year. Looking forward to connecting with you when the time is right. Lots of love! Lucille Avakian Karnik

  3. Judy Corona Says:

    This was a delight to listen to. My delight is seriously enhanced by seeing that you interviewed Dr. Peter Levine on the podcast. I am tracking the lovely sensations in my body as I anticipate listening to the interview, which I know will be powerful. I have always been very curious about the spiritual aspects of Dr. Levine’s work and I know you will address that subject. I deeply thank you for honoring my request for this interview. And if the interview is not in direct response to my request, it is a magnificent gift from source that you helped me manifest.

  4. Don Burkins Says:

    What a positive framing for listening/re-listening to the wonderful guests you’ve brought to us. Thank you so much for all that you do. I am continually surprised by interviews that I approach with a “hmm”-hesitation – ‘I’ll check it out, but…’ – and then something about what’s being shared grabs hold. Again – thanks!!

  5. Curtis King Says:


    Just wanted to chime in and let you know how much we love your blog and refreshing posts!

    Your website and books are also a true inspiration.

    Thank you for your ongoing support for the personal transformation and spiritual awakening that the Sounds True company has afforded for so many.


    Curtis King
    Kiloby PR

    Books by Non-Duality Author Scott Kiloby

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Tami, thank you for sharing your insights – especially the ‘don’t know mind.’ Adya has a saying something like making that your starting point. I can see now that I had a belief that if I really took that on board I wouldn’t have the incentive to keep going on this journey. I’m now coming, very hesitatingly I might add, into that place of knowing that the journey itself is the destination. I think this is more or less what you were saying about having learned that it is endless and ever opening up.

  7. Judy Martin Says:

    Tami – I really enjoyed this. Also Kudos for compiling Kundalini Rising. Eating it up as it’s my path and have been waiting for this book for years – just like you! All the best – have a nice summer.

  8. Greg Voisen Says:

    Hey Tami,
    I have been a fan of yours and your company for such a long time. Kudos on your three realizations, they are such wonderful insights. From someone who has followed a similar path, recording, listening to and interviewing authors in the fields of personal growth, mastery, wellness and spirituality. I would say that you have summed it up really well.

    Keep up the good work, and keep going. I hope that we will get to meet someday soon.
    In Spirit,
    Greg Voisen
    Founder of Inside Personal Growth

  9. Lucy Says:

    Hi Tami, I’ve recently learned about Sounds True through iTunes and I’m enjoying it so so much! I loved the “nobody knows” of your video! I often see spiritual teachers as people who managed to create a sort of fiction around a certain area (healing, love, sharing, etc.), but they are not less powerful because they are fiction. It’s just like the mythology or other healing stories. That’s why one teacher will be great for me and not for another person… Simply because nobody know what’s going on. The difference is that we’re trying to improve and understand at least what goes on with ourselves.
    Keep up the good work!

  10. bookbird Says:

    Hi Tami – I think you’re fantastic!! I wrote about you in my blog here: http://bookbirdwrites.blogspot.com/2010/09/lama-surya-das-pith-instructions.html

  11. Fariba Mohammadi Says:

    Dear Tami
    Wonderful!!….Thanks for sharing your 25 years brilliant experience in 7min …
    Blessing to you.
    with love

  12. MJ Says:

    Thanks, Tami, for sharing your wisdom and your humor – and for reminding us that no one has the answers, and to keep trusting the journey within. Thanks for 25 amazing years of Sounds True – a place that truly has blessed and saved my life at various times. Thanks for helping me on my own journey and whatever ways I’ve helped others through what I’ve learned from Sounds True authors. I have participated in all the CPE online classes, and thanks especially for them. There are simply no words to describe the power of what she is putting into this world right now through these classes and how it is helping all of us who are lucky enough to listen.

  13. Kris Knopp Says:

    Hi Tami,
    Thank you for your work and sharing your learnings with us. I have recently discovered Insights from the Edge and love it. You have a gift for asking the questions that your audience is wondering about themselves. It is almost as if I’m I’m talking with the guest myself! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Also, this is my first time seeing you on video. It is a very surreal experience hearing a voice that I am so familiar with coming from a person that I have not met before. ๐Ÿ™‚ Makes me think if the eyes are the window to the soul, the voice must be the telephone.

    Thanks again, for your vision and committment.

  14. Alice Friend Says:

    I simply adore Sounds True….. the vision, the dream manifested, and the true generosity of spirit that is so inspirational to countless listeners and seekers. I love this video of you, Tami, your voice, so unique and focused that I have grown to know so well through your podcast intimate questions. I also love your mischevious subtle tickle behind your eyes that realizes that nobody knows whats going on! Yet how wonder-full to share what we do know from where we know it! Thank you sooo much for everything. In the Great Love, Alice

  15. Kheyala Rasa Says:

    Hi Tami,

    I have been a big fan of your work ever since I discovered Sounds True (on Pearl Street!) nearly 20 years ago. I live locally again and am in need of some solid career advice that is borne of experience.

    When I asked the Universe where I ought to turn for this, the answer, instantly, was to you!

  16. Pat Parisi Says:

    Hi, Tami –

    First, it’s so nice to see your face as you’re speaking. I’ve listened to your voice for many years and it’s great to round out my picture of you.

    Next, very nice realization you’ve got going there! ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s the simplicity of your words to express your understanding, the beautiful distillation of years of practice and seeking to know while becoming more seated with not-knowing throughout. And the very true humaness of the way you come across. I think you can change the name of the business from Sounds True to Sounds Human! Thanks for everything all these years and I will keep coming back.


  17. Joyce Bank Says:

    From the very first Sounds True cassette I bought (The Creative Fire with CPE) to the most recent participation in the Power of the Crone event, it is your voice that frames and sets the stage for what will unfold on the audios, and it is very powerfully calming/ centering…

    I think your voice introductions/ closings are one of the main reasons behind the success of Sounds True.

    You may be a spiritual seeker, but I believe those ruby slippers have always been on your feet and you can click them whenever you wish.

    Three authors I wish you would work with soon are… Gioia Timpanelli, Martin Shaw and Caroline Casey…
    would love to hear them on your weekly podcast series.

  18. Ingrid Johnson Says:

    As a 20+ year fan, I love what you say about ‘Keep Going, Say What You Know’. I’m on that path, and my intent is to share with as many as possible the direct link between nurturing parenting and early brain development.

  19. Steve Frazee Says:

    Thanks for sharing this Tami!

    I’ve watched this video multiple times….and shared it with friends.

    In gratitude,

  20. Richard Tyrrell Says:

    Thank you…unconditional giving of any nature in the most positive of intentions. The journey within..see..lol..I said what I knew at that moment. Really, thank you for your vision! I have a major Social Network site we are BetaTesting. It involves Athletics, Self Esteem and the Education of Parents through growing a Student-Athlete. Would love to email you the business summary, we will have Verticals on Spritual growth. Wilber, Chopra and persons’ like yourself would be an invaluable tool for our Site to Evolve into our Visions. Again, thank you and “Keep Going, Say What You Know”…congrats!

  21. Jay h Says:

    Beautiful, articulate, honest and down to earth. I love everything about this company and your comments. You made me smile, and I thank you.

  22. Lene Says:

    Is it possible to share this beautiful video on my blog?
    Kind regards from

  23. socialnet Says:

    Sure! Enjoy, and have a lovely day!

  24. Nancy Segal Says:

    Dear Tami
    You have a familiar spiritual presence and it is carried through on the subtle body of your voice. To your 3 points….which I deeply appreciate your sharing:

    1. Nobody knows what’s going on/what happens when we die……
    I suppose it is better to ask, how do we imagine our soul’s story, i.e. what happened then and how do I imagine its meaning to my character and calling? You are female; the answers you seek are uterine-born, ovarian-known.

    2. Each of us has inner authority/True Autonomy.
    Your true autonomy lies at the bottom of your female consciousness. Dive deep, wade in a toe at a time, but it is always surging, ebbing, flowing and wise. Tap, tap, tap….

    3. There’s no end to growth. Amen/(a-woman?) to that.

    Please visit a snippet of my spiritual memoir/consciousness/calling/’mythography. http://www.nancystruth.com.

    One day we will meet and it will be my honor.

  25. Warren Anderson Says:

    Tami — I enjoyed your “just three things piece.” Since Bill Moyes retired I’ve thought you have the greatest job in America. Your 10 hour interview of Ken Wilber in “Kosmic Consciousness” is my all time favorite — you asked so many truly excellent questions. Please keep up the good work — and, for your sake, I hope you discover at least one teacher who really knows what’s going on.

  26. Verla Says:

    The thought to show compassion and forgive is very meaninful to me.

  27. Amy Says:

    Tami, I have recently begun listening to your “insights at the edge” interviews with a voracious curiosity. Your ability to ask the most amazing, mind-bending questions that elicit fascinating discussions easily rivals that of Terry Gross and Charlie Rose. You are truly gifted in your ability to engage in a interview that is a real conversation, drawing out the deepest and richest treasures that person has to offer. Brilliant! Thank you for these gems.

  28. Susan Clark Says:

    I have been wanting to find a way to communicate to you how blessed I feel to have come upon you. For a young mother (20 yrs ago) who was overwhelmed with her kids needs alone out in Oregon (husband a Richard Dawkins devotee) you were my lifeline. I was so thirsty for knowledge and understanding and when I found SoundsTrue it was a literal lifeline to me. Through you I had access to the most extraordinary voices. It changed my life in so many ways. I am so grateful to you Tami. Thank you for being there!!

  29. Susan Clark Says:

    I have glad to have the chance to say thank you Tami. You were a lifeline to me when I was home with my kids but so thirsty for knowledge, seeking to understand myself and life. And the culmination of all those voices and all that wisdom was spot on

  30. Francine Says:

    Thank you. This is beautiful! <3

  31. surya Says:

    Here is a voice of our time!
    It is already sometime that I am sharing my feeling-to-certainty that nobody knows really what is going on and that nobody is really at the end of the journey “allknowing”. The majority of people I share the thoughts with felt rather uncomfortable to accept that. Some of them expressed fear of being wrong by expressing such ideas. Fear of being unfaithful, as it were, of such “high celebrities”.

    Why do I think your message expressed in this context of a “spiritual-community-or iented-business” is so perfect and timely? Because it breaks away with a tabu.

    I rejoice in your voice be heared wide and far and reaching out to many.

  32. Marlou Russell Says:

    Tami – thank you for sharing your personal insights and putting things in perspective. Have enjoyed Sounds True for so many years (probably 25!) and am now delighted with the podcasts which I listen to when I walk. Thank you for gathering and offering so much wisdom in one place.

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