Rabbi Rami Shapiro: Aligning with Your Own Knowing

Rabbi Rami Shapiro is an award-winning author and spiritual teacher whose work has been published worldwide. In this week's edition of Producer's Pick, producer Mitchell Clute selected a potent offering from Rami's newest audio release, How to Be a Holy Rascal: A Magical Mystery Tour to Liberate Your Deepest Wisdom, Access Radical Compassion, and Set Yourself Free. Rami kicks off the segment with a quote from the Buddha that serves as the central idea of the program: "Don't believe anything you hear secondhand." Inviting listeners to question everything they think they know about religion, spirituality, and everyday cultural norms, Rabbi Rami presents a vision of a life lived in alignment with our deepest knowing. In the words of Mitchell, to live as a holy rascal is to be "Edgy and gentle, personal and universal, hilarious and deadly serious."


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