Elena Brower: The Invitation of Allowing

Elena Brower is a renowned yoga teacher who has held classes across the world. With Sounds True, she is the coauthor of the book Art of Attention and the creator of the audio program Grounded and Free. Producer Kriste Peoples chose this week's Producer's Pick segment from Elena's upcoming audio offering, The Return Home. In this excerpt, Elena sheds light on an aspect of contemplative practice that is rarely discussed—the act of allowing. Rather than the bland acceptance of a status quo that the word often implies, Elena asserts that the act of allowing is actually a shift into a neutral state of pure flow—of contemplation, presence, and unfettered creativity. According to Kriste, it is in this vast space of receptivity and possibility that ". . . we can come to know 'the sensitive space' for ourselves, within ourselves—that sacred communion in the heart of all that is."


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