A Moment of Good Fortune

I recently had an experience that I can only describe as a moment of great good fortune. A few months ago, I received an invitation to speak at a World Peace Conference in India that was sponsored by the Tej Gyan Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to self-realization, as well as the promotion of mutual respect and understanding between the faith traditions of the world.

When I agreed to speak at the conference, I had no idea that the Dalai Lama would be the keynote speaker (he had not yet been invited). And when I discovered that he would be speaking, it never dawned on me that I would have the chance to interact with him in any way.

To my delight and astonishment, I found myself sitting right next to him in a private tent during the few minutes before the proceedings began. Without thinking, I reached for his hand and held it between mine for what seemed like a very long time, although it was probably just two or three minutes! I can still feel how his hand felt in that moment –- soft, mushy, like warm dough — and how a feeling of goodness and grace swept through my whole being as we held and squeezed one another’s hands (ok, I probably did most of the squeezing!). I continue to be moved by how much he communicated through the simple touch of his hands — his tremendous warmth and compassion.

It feels somehow fitting to me to post this photo as Sounds True launches its newly designed website, a website that we hope will bring a vast array of spiritual teachings to an increasing number of people worldwide. We all have our personal mythologies, and in my personal mythology, my meeting with the Dalai Lama was a blessing that I received on behalf of Sounds True to inspire our efforts in the world. May our outreach continue to grow, and may the spirit of compassion continually pervade our work!

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  1. Diane Rose Says:


    What a great, down to earth post! The energy exchange must of been beauty-full..speechless feelings..thanks so much for sharing..

    Blue Skies!
    Diane Rose

  2. Lucy Says:

    How nice, Tami! This is not only good fortune, this is what you gather when you plant beautiful seeds.

  3. Carol Wright Says:

    Tami, so wonderful you got to share a personal moment with The Main Man. How sweet.
    You are doing great work, and so glad to download CPE’s audios.
    Best to you, Carol (formerly mgr editor with Napra)

  4. rhonda Says:

    I love your blog and you are an inspiration to me that my life can change to a more meaningful one. I enjoy your blog and your stories. I am also inspired by your business model. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Trish Says:

    Just looking at that photo gave me a feeling of peace and warmth….. what an amazing opportunity for you, Tami….. I cannot even imagine! THANK YOU for sharing this, and thank you for ALL that you and the Sounds True team does to help open minds and hearts. Namaste.

  6. Pam York Says:

    Hi Tami, what a wonderful experience, your photo is delightful. I had the opportunity to see the Dalai Lama speak in New York City some years ago. Afterwards I was riding home in the subway, thinking that it hadn’t been the life-changing experience I had hoped for. Meanwhile, a man across from me was chomping on a peach, chewing and splattering juice all over, paying no mind to other passengers. When the train stopped and the door opened, he abruptly spat the peach pit out onto the platform. I was thoroughly disgusted, and felt compelled to scold him. At once this wave of compassion came over me; compassion for him, for what might have happened in his life that lead to this moment. It was an instant change in consciousness. For days after I was aware of deep compassion for all kinds of people that previously would not have “merited” my concern, until finally the change was integrated and became a new way of being. I still have the event brochure – with His Holiness big and bright on the cover – sitting on my desk gazing out at me. Thanks for sharing this, and reminding me of this experience. All the best to you, Pam

  7. nancy Says:

    The people who learn from this site are equally Blessed by your blessings. Thank you so much for your generosity of spirit and diligent commitment to spiritual growth.

  8. SAL Says:

    God blessing God

  9. Alice Friend Says:

    I love this picture because it gives the expereince you had to all of us…… as we are all ONE anyway. What a thrill for you, Tami, and the opportunities you give others to have spiritual encounters comes back to you a hundredfold! I love who and what you are. In your own honest spiritual journey you give us all a companionship in our own. Happy New Year dear Tami and love to you. Alice

  10. Bill Kane Says:


  11. Debra Joy Says:


    I love this blessing from the Dalai Lama. The work you are doing is so important, so needed, in this world. And you do it with such an open heart and integrity.

    You and I met many years ago and SVI and then in Boulder when I was working with Joel Solomon. I have such fond memories of you, and such respect for the work you do.

    be well,

  12. Joan Browning Says:

    Oh what a gift is the internet. An early morning walk around the lake, NZ, this morning led me to dig out my 1995 copy of Women Who Run With Wolves.. which led me to your site here.. how blessed you were in meeting the Dalai Lama.. how blessed I am to find you this morning.

  13. J Says:


    I love you. I absolutely adore you.

    I have never met you, but your work through Sounds True, has saved me time and time again. I’m not kidding, either. You have no idea of the positive impact you have on me, through your gifting of podcasts that I could not otherwise afford.

    I am living with chronic pain (for over 20 years now) and your podcast with Vidyamala Burch (as just one example) has been so so helpful. I listen to it every night, before I try to go to sleep ( I also have chronic insomnia) while I take an epsom salt bath with lavender oil. I also love the podcast with Thomas Moore. You have such awesome interviewing skills, and your voice is quite soothing. As someone who has been dealing with trauma from the day I was born (born to a mother who hated me; yes she really did) and abused by many people in my childhood and early adult life, because that’s what I thought was normal, and what I thought I deserved, I have contemplated suicide and have tried it, clearly unsuccessfully a few times, I really don’t know what I would have done, had I not discovered your work.

    There are so many programs/courses I cannot afford, being on a fixed income, but the things you have made available for free have been invaluable and have literally helped to give me reasons (plenty of reasons) to do my best to stay alive, regardless of the chronic pain, regardless of the memories of trauma, regardless of my present grieving for the loss of a loved one. For these reasons, as one human being to another, I simply love you.

    I am eternally grateful for the work you have done, and for all you have given. I don’t think you understand just how much you have done for people like me, and unlike me!

    Namaste, Chi Megwich, and in English “Thank you”

    Thank you so very very much. I love the Dalai Lama, have seen him speak, never met him, but am so glad for you that you had the chance to get so up close and personal with him.

    You are an amazing gift to those of us who are open to receiving the gift that is you.


  14. Daniel McComas Says:

    Oh Ms. Tami, Namaste, I do see the divine in you, For, what else could there be? I can only imagine, the kinds of boubt and guilty thoughts, that cross the mind of one, who has accepted the responsibility, of guiding so many of her brothers home. But, I just want to remind you, and encourage you, that no matter what is going on in this crazy world, never worry that you don’t know enough, or that you haven’t awakened enough. For the truth is, you most certainly have. You have taken it upon yourself, because, deep in our true mind, you know you can most certainly do ity. And merely the fact, that you WANT to help others; that you want to teach the truth; Is an act of the greatest, the true love.
    Xo, until next me meet,
    I only encourage you to remember, and believe, that, as our brother above said, you truly are a gift. you truly are the Love of God Almighty, and are therefore, undoubtedly, His greatest angel. peace and love,

  15. LANOWJ Says:

    A truly blessed moment, for you and all those that read your story. The Dalai Lama is the current embodiment of divinity for so many of us. Funny? that his hand felt like warm dough. The analogy to growth and nurturing is unavoidable. And you have had the incredible opportunity to share those moments of “stage fright” (which we ALL, even HH, experience), and then to share that with the rest of us. Thank you!

  16. lisa Says:

    How amazing! What a beautiful photo to capture the experience. A memory I’m sure you will always cherish. I am fairly new to your site. I am glad to have found it in my spiritual wanderings on the web. I also found the podcast which I love! I am usually on an Iphone (or now my new Kindle Fire too!) Will you be coming out with a mobile app for Sounds True?
    Thankyou for your guidance and sharing your wisdom via Sounds True.
    Namasté … Love & Light … Peace … OneLove OneWorld *Lisa* @scorpiol13 on Twitter

  17. Bridgett Says:

    What an awesome experience you had to meet the Dalai Lama. Somehow, I am not surprised that you two met. You are doing much of the same work.
    With much respect and fondness

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