HeatherAsh Amara: Walking in Your Highest Purpose

HeatherAsh Amara is an author and teacher whose work draws from many different cultural backgrounds, but is most informed by the Toltec teachings of her longtime mentor don Miguel Ruiz. "I've had the pleasure of working with HeatherAsh Amara on many projects. I always look forward to experiencing her teachings firsthand," says Sounds True producer Mitchell Clute, who chose this week's selection from the new audio program Awakening Your Inner Fire: A Step-by-Step Course to Ignite Your Passion and Create the Life You Love. In this excerpt, HeatherAsh talks about finding our highest purpose in life—as well as how that purpose cannot be discovered through intellect and over-analysis. Here HeatherAsh offers tools for clearing away the brush of our thinking minds in order to uncover our lives' true paths.


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