Reginald A. Ray: Being Awake to What the Heart Knows

Reginald Ray, PhD, is a pioneering teacher who founded the Dharma Ocean Foundation, an organization devoted to the preservation and dissemination of Tibetan Buddhist wisdom. Reggie is a longtime collaborator with Sounds True whose books and audio programs include Touching Enlightenment, Meditation in Seven Steps, and The Practice of Pure Awareness. His most recent project is the immersive, 24-session audio program Awakening the Heart: A Somatic Training in Bodhicitta. For this week's Producer's Pick segment, Sounds True founder Tami Simon chose an excerpt from Awakening the Heart that best explains its central practice of bodhicitta—a body-based gateway to the purity and knowledge of our own hearts. "According to Reggie, the spontaneous knowing of the heart happens unmediated by the ego," explains Tami. "And we can do practices . . . to peel away our layers of defense and liberate this ultimate openness, sensitivity, and tenderness."


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