John Lockley: Connecting with Your Bones, Ancestors, and Seven Senses

John Lockley is one of the only modern white men to be initiated as a sangoma—one of the traditional shamanic healers of the Xhosa people of South Africa. He now teaches African shamanic wisdom across the globe. With Sounds True, John recorded the practice-centric audio course The Way of the Leopard: Meditations and Shamanic Practices from the Heart of Africa. In this excerpt from that program, John describes "the seven senses"—the five we all know, plus the senses of intuition and dreaming. According to John, when we connect fully with our abilities to intuit and the endless possibilities of dreams, we come into a much deeper and truer understanding of our inner selves. Commenting on this week's selection, Sounds True producer Mitchell Clute says, "Seamlessly combining John's background as a Zen practitioner with his training as a traditional medicine man . . . these teachings on fully inhabiting our bodies, our lives, and our world are a vital and important message for the contemporary spiritual seeker."


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