Latham Thomas: Reclaiming Your Right to Rest

Latham Thomas is a lifestyle and wellness maven whose books include Mama Glow and Own Your Glow. With Sounds True, she created the audio program Beditations: Guided Meditations and Rituals for Rest and Renewal. Commenting on this week's selection from that program, Sounds True producer Kriste Peoples says, "Sleep. It's a necessity for basic human function, yet sleep deprivation has reached epidemic proportions. And the studies keep telling us what we already know: lack of sleep compromises our body's immune system and raises our risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, and more." Fortunately, Latham has a solution in the form of a total, back-to-basics surrender to the body's natural demands for rejuvenating sleep. Here Latham shares one of the first and most important steps for reclaiming your right to rest: how to create a safe, intentional space for your sleep needs.


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