Steve Taylor: A Year to Live

Dr. Steve Taylor is a senior lecturer and researcher in psychology and the social sciences at Leeds Beckett University in the UK. With Sounds True, he has released the audio program Return to Harmony: From Turmoil to Transformation, a collection of teachings, meditations, and poetry on living in alignment with the present moment. This week's Producer's Pick excerpt is sourced from one of Steve's most potent teachings, summarized sharply by Sounds True producer Kriste Peoples: "Spoiler alert: life is terminal. The brevity and inescapability of it is bracing. With all of our busyness and full lives, we can do a pretty good job of ignoring it, but we can’t unknow it, and we certainly can’t outrun it." Here Steve guides listeners in a gentle but straightforward consideration of their own mortality and the fact that all things end. Though this knowledge is frightening, for Dr. Taylor it also opens the door to a grander and more expansive view of all that life has to offer.


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