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A Celebration of Being ... and Becoming

All of the great spiritual traditions of the world offer a vision of spiritual awakening that it is possible to live with a heart that is open to the preciousness and vividness of each moment of our lives. Bringing together people who approach awakening from many different perspectives—dancers, musicians, yogis, poets, energy healers, neuroscientists, and of course, spiritual teachers—the Wake Up Festival is a celebration of the heart's unfolding. We will gather together for five days in Estes Park, surrounded by the beautiful Rocky Mountains, to immerse ourselves in:

  • The Power of Community—How our individual journey can be massively enriched and accelerated when we meet people with whom we feel called to share particular gifts and insights
  • Learning from Great Teachers—How being in the presence of a great spiritual teacher is like sitting next to a living fire of awakening; their passion, knowledge, and experience illuminate us
  • Transformative Spiritual Practices—How we can engage and experiment in different spiritual practices from the wisdom traditions of the world, exploring how to clear stuck energy, release the past, and connect with limitless space
  • Celebration—How one of the best ways to open our hearts is through music, poetry, and dance, celebrating that we already have everything we need to savor the beauty and perfection of the moment

Each morning we wake up to the rising sun, to new visions and new possibilities. The Wake Up Festival is an opportunity to radically and powerfully renew yourself at the deepest level, for your own benefit and for the sake of the whole. I hope you will join us!

Yours on the journey,

Tami Simon
Founder and Publisher

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