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Marie Manuchehri: Intuitive Self-Healing


Intuitive Self-Healing

Intuitive healing isn’t new. It’s been around for centuries, but we have forgotten what it means to listen to our own body’s messages. Instead, we have given our healing power away by not paying attention to our feelings and centered thoughts when we feel ill or are diagnosed with a disease. Intuition by definition is about knowing. Intuitive healing begins with discovering the vital energy within. There is nothing unusual about it. We all possess it. Each of us is our own best healer.

Coming to know this intelligence within manifests itself in many different ways. Some people view images in their mind, hear words, or feel sensations. Others pick up insights during their daily life which seem to come from others—from radio, television, or billboard advertisements. Wherever our insights arise from, we all possess the aptitude to recognize them and discover what is in our best interest.

Even if you have tried many times to perceive your internal messages, but feel that you possess no skill to do so—trust me you do. After working with thousands of clients, I’ve learned that everyone has the capacity to receive, interpret, and successfully use their senses. You have this ability because we are genuinely powerful. You might be unaware of your great fortune, but nevertheless you are powerful.

More people are beginning to understand personal power, but it remains a new concept. Individual power is limitless and we can learn to utilize it through internal awareness. Yet, somehow we feel that we don’t have this authority over our own lives, and in particular over our bodies. Instead, we make appointments with medical experts, who are often complete strangers. They know nothing about who we are as unique individuals. The expert generally has little time to assess the particular qualities we possess. Yet we usually allow them, without any hesitation, to tell us what’s wrong with us and how to fix it.

Most of the time, this health model actually works. We receive the necessary antibiotic, surgery, or cream that heals our body. But sometimes the cream only works for a short period of time. Or we are prescribed many different medications in search of the correct one, sometimes enduring side effects without attaining lasting health. Or the surgery doesn’t work, and the now somewhat familiar practitioner recommends another one.

I believe that we are moving away from this old view of healing, and evolving a new model as we increasingly realize that each person is an integral part of a healing process. Though we will continue to rely on skillful practitioners to tell us our options, we’ll also learn to trust that invaluable insights lead to the healthiest outcomes because they come from within. Where else could information about your health lie? Can it be locked away in someone else’s awareness? Of course not.

Although we belong to one race and are anatomically similar, we each have a biochemical “fingerprint.” Our intuitive self-healing internal chemistry differs from everyone else’s because the complex organic matter that lives inside all of us is affected by emotions. Emotions, like everything in the universe, are made of pure energy. They form patterns in your body based on feelings you have expressed or repressed throughout your lifetime. Even if you are not aware of your feelings, they circulate within your body creating health, happiness, abundance,or the lack of these things.

If the energy arrangement in your body has created health problems, you can help change them by learning to feel your feelings—especially those you have chosen to ignore. Energy becomes stagnant when emotions do because energy moves in the body based on how we feel. Positive energy moving into the body prevents disease and helps the body heal if it becomes ill. When healthy energy moves in, it wakes stagnant energy from its lifeless slumber. Vital energy then pours in, helping tissue and organs function better and making all forms of medicine more effective, too.

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