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Jack Rourke: The Rational Psychic


In the following pages, the languages of psychology, physics, neuroscience, spirituality, and biology are interpreted through firsthand precognitive experiences—offering a rational explanation for what psychic ability actually is, and why it is real.

My rational explanation for why extrasensory perception is real will not require you to adopt any new age beliefs. I understand that new age explanations for ESP, involving mystical beings like spirit guides and angels, can be helpful and a great comfort. Spiritual metaphors provide emotional reassurance that those things we do not fully understand are in some way under our influence through right action or an ability to communicate with invisible beings who are responsive to our needs. More importantly, with respect to ESP, spiritual metaphors also provide a logical framework for extrasensory perception. This framework enables psychic authors to illuminate a clear and easy path to development—while avoiding the more complex causes and implications of psychic ability. Yet, if we are to truly understand psychic perception, we have to set aside metaphors like ghosts, demons, and spirit guides, which can prevent us from seeing deeper into our own mental and emotional processes. This is why you will hear me describe the inner workings of the psychic process using psychological and analytical terms, rather than the more common metaphors that carry religious and pseudo-spiritual overtones.

Some readers may not want to consider that their minds, in many cases, are behind the paranormal phenomena they are curious about. Admittedly, it is easier (and perhaps more exciting) to think of paranormal and psychic phenomena as things that happen to you rather than things that occur in conjunction with you or that actually emanate from you. But I would be doing a great disservice to blindly encourage mystical explanations for psychic ability and ghostly paranormal phenomena, as I will explain further on in the book.

In the first pages of The Rational Psychic, I will discuss the experiences that inspired a nearly thirty-year journey to understand my psychic identity. I will talk about how I learned to recognize that I was psychic and my struggle to come to terms with a sensitivity I did not even know I had. Then in great detail, I will talk about what psychic ability is by discussing what it is not, for it is very important to distinguish genuine capability from paranormal dramatics and mental illness. Next, I will discuss how the nature of reality itself supports extrasensory awareness, and how people are conditioned toward extrasensory perception. Toward the middle of the book, I will teach how to recognize real extrasensory data within your mind. I will go on to explain where psychic data comes from, some of the emotional challenges of psychic work, and why psychics really can see invisible information outside of their minds as if it were actually in the physical environment.

Discussing psychic ability is not easy. Like politics and religion, the paranormal can be highly controversial. Some of what I share will challenge the spiritually-minded seeker’s emotions and the intellectual’s sense of logic. For spiritual people, it is not easy to alter beliefs that secure them emotionally, while for more cerebral folks accepting that not everything is black and white can also be challenging. Regardless which side of the feeling-versus-thinking fence you find yourself on (and it may be both sides at different points throughout this book), please remember that the religious and philosophical beliefs you rely on for inner peace and personal transformation are absolutely valid. I am not saying angels or any other invisible beings you hold dear are not real. It is just that one of the points of this book is to show you that extrasensory perception is not dependent on the particulars of such belief systems.

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