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Friedemann Schaub: The Fear and Anxiety Solution


The Principles of Change

Many books have been written about releasing fear and anxiety, finding more inner peace, and increasing confidence. So what’s unique about this one?

The insights and processes I share in this book address fear and anxiety from all the aspects and perspectives of your mind: the conscious mind (your intellectual and analytical capabilities), the subconscious mind (your emotions, memories, beliefs), and your higher consciousness, which represents the core of your being and goes beyond your thoughts, your emotions, or your body. Your higher consciousness is strongly linked to your true essence, which some may refer to as your spirit or your soul. To work with this part of your mind, you don’t need to be spiritual or subscribe to any religious belief. And even if you’ve never contemplated the existence of a higher consciousness, you’ll find that it’s quite easy and natural to connect with this part of yourself.

In my experience, all three aspects of our mind need to be addressed to break through fear and anxiety, get unstuck, and create profound and permanent change on the mental, emotional, energetic, and physical levels. The good news is that when you’re working with all these aspects, you move forward and change much faster than if you work with just one or two levels of your mind—and your healing is more complete. You gain a new foundation of confidence and trust in yourself to live and express who you truly are—a self-empowered, self-reliant individual.

Sounds great, but how do you leverage the powers of your conscious mind, subconscious mind, and higher consciousness to achieve optimal results?

This is where the five principles of change come in. Following these principles enables you to utilize the powers of your entire mind and consciousness to address and heal the deeper root causes of your anxiety-related challenges. The principles are awareness, flexibility, choice, actualization, and readjustment. They are all incorporated into the exercises, tools, and processes throughout the book and provide you with a structured, logical pathway into the wisdom and healing power of fear and anxiety and help you reclaim your innate potential to change, heal, grow, and thrive.

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