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Ann Marie Chiasson: Energy Healing


What Is Healing?

The energy body is the underlying flow of energy that assists and supports the body’s normal functioning. While we talk about the energy body and the flow of energy as two different things, they are, in fact, one entity. The energy body is a body of energy in constant flow and movement. We can assist the health of the energy body and the flow of energy by opening energy channels and allowing sluggish or stagnant energy to flow in its natural patterns. Illness, symptoms, and energy blocks all occur in an effort to bring an energy pattern back to its natural flow. It is important to stress that healing is the restoration of the underlying flow in the body. Healing is the unwinding of energy blocks. Healing is redemption of a wound that has been inflicted or an illness that has appeared. Healing is the movement of the energy body back toward wholeness, back toward its original pattern, albeit with imperfection or scars and often with change.

This healing process requires a remarkable symphony of factors. With illness, the illness itself can be part of a healing response. The energetically weak area becomes involved in illness, and through the healing of the problem, the energy flow and the physical body return to homeostasis and balance. The illness is the resolution of the conflict at the level of energy. From this perspective, illness is the beginning of healing at the level of the energy body. The body is moving toward healing, so the illness constellates to make up for the chronic or acute energy problem in the body. The idea that illness is serving the healing process is a radically different way of viewing illness, and it will allow for a deep appreciation of the wisdom of the body. The body is clever, amazing, and incredible.

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