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Our authors and book editors offer these choice written selections for your contemplative reading and inspiration.

Cyndi Dale: Illuminating the Afterlife


The Planes of Light: The Worlds After This

I started working on this book several years ago. It was September 8, 2001, and I was flying from Minneapolis to Phoenix. I had just settled in to read a long-awaited novel, when a voice spoke to me.

“I want you to write a book about life after death,” it said. “I will reveal what you need to know.”

I was both surprised and scared. Despite my lifetime interest in death and dying, I didn’t consider myself an expert. While other intuitives readily “channeled the dead,” for me it was a less-frequent occurrence. What would I find out? Would I do the information justice?

Swallowing my reaction, I put my book aside and began to write. I scribbled down everything that came in my head, and over the next few days I received several visions describing the dying process, the worlds after death, and details about dying, the afterlife, and returning to life. The information was fascinating, but it did not begin to have a personal impact until three days later.

On September 11, 2001, terrorists destroyed the World Trade Center in New York City. Throughout the following year, I received psychic impressions of what happens at death, from the ways the soul separates from the body to descriptions of the interdimensional tunnels that operate as exit points. I was also told, intuitively and psychically, many stories of those who died that day. I watched as some souls were guided out of life and others remained behind as ghosts. I viewed the many levels of existence that were open to the departing souls, learning who went where — and why.

Since that time, I have asked my own spiritual guides to continue explaining what really happens at death and beyond. I have kept notes, and asked more questions. I have received the answers in dreams, visions, and audible messages. In client sessions I have received information from deceased souls that answers many questions, and my clients have told me their own experiences with loved ones who have died.

I have learned that we have nothing to fear from death but our own fear of it. In fact, I have learned that there is no death; there are only planes of light — gradient levels of awareness that invite our soul’s evolution.

Illuminating the Afterlife is a description of the brilliant spaces and places of awareness that we each pass through in order to fully embrace our own luminescence. The purpose of this journey is soul evolution. Our souls are like children playing in the universe. They began as innocents, eager to touch and be touched, to grow and develop. Our souls emerged from our own spirits, which are the infinite and always-loving selves that remain connected to the Greater Spirit. The soul, however, does not want to sing endless angel songs in heaven. It wants experience. For this, it comes to life. And then, taking life’s experience along, it learns more in the afterlife.

This book is a journey into and beyond death, describing what occurs physically, energetically, and spiritually while you are dying and what choices you face upon leaving your physical body. It also offers concrete ways to negotiate the soul’s evolutionary path while alive.

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