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Our authors and book editors offer these choice written selections for your contemplative reading and inspiration.

Sandra Ingerman: Shamanic Journeying


From the preface

Shamanism is an ancient and powerful spiritual practice that can help us thrive during challenging and changĀ­ing times. In our modern-day technological world we have been led to believe that what we see, touch, hear, smell, and taste with our ordinary senses connects us only to the world that is visible around us. Conversely, shamanism teaches that there are doorways into other realms of reality where helping spirits reside who can share guidance, insight, and healing not just for ourselves but also for the world in which we live.

Shamanism reveals that we are part of Nature and one with all of life. It is understood that in the shaman’s worlds everything in existence has a spirit and is alive, and that the spiritual aspects of all of life are interconnected through what is often called the web of life. Since we are part of Nature, Nature itself becomes a helpĀ­ing spirit that has much to share with us about how to bring our lives back into harmony and balance.

At the experiential center of shamanism lies the potent path of direct revelation, revealing that in this spiritual discipline, there are no intermediaries standing between the helping spirits and ourselves. We all can have access to the wisdom, guidance, and healing that the helping spirits and Nature have to share with us.

There are ways to achieve connection with these helping spirits as well as with the transpersonal aspects of Nature itself. Together with four other contributors, Hank Wesselman and I will introduce you to some well-traveled trails on which you may walk, giving you immediate and authentic access to the shaman’s path of direct revelation.

There are multiple reasons why I was led to write this book and bring in other contributors to share their teachings. We have been seeing a spiritual awakening on the planet as more and more people are reading about and exploring different spiritual practices that lead to self-realization, personal development, and much-needed evolution of consciousness in humanity as a whole.


See Sandra Ingerman live in August 2013. Visit for more information.

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