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Gangaji: You Are That


Meditation and Practice

The purpose of meditation is to quiet the mind. In the quiet mind, conditioned responses are exposed and obliterated. Meditation allows the mind to release its fixation on objects and to rest in its source.

The quiet mind reveals that which is always silent, that which both activity and inactivity spring from and return to, that which the experience of ignorance and the experience of enlightenment spring from and return to.

That is your own self.

Often what gets called meditation is concentration practice. Like therapy, breath work, or yoga, concentration can be helpful. It has its place.

Discover what is beyond concentration. Discover what is no object of concentration but is silent awareness itself.

I am not against meditation and practice. I am against the separation of a meditation practice from life. When the separation between practice and life is recognized as illusory, then your whole life is meditation.

Life is silent awareness, and all the events of life appear and disappear in that silence. You are that silence.

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