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Mark Thornton: Meditation in a New York Minute


The Endless Journey and the Centerless Center

Like a river, the qualities from your heart can flow powerfully from the inner to the outer world. Imagine what it would be like if your deepest longings, strongest intuitions, fiercest loves, most passionate desires, bottomless compassion, wildest dreams, highest truths, your core values flowed out into the world. When you meet people, compassion could be the quality you exude rather than self-interest. As the idea of separation starts to melt, narrow self-centeredness becomes less of an option. You get to be heart-centered rather than self-centered. As you sit on the subway, the qualities of your heart can be available to you. When you meet people for the first time, your heart can speak rather than your judgments. Your words can have the quality of depth, love, compassion, and wisdom all because of your connection to your essence or heart. Decisions at work can come from your core values, rather than grasping self-interest. The way you are at work, from your relationship with your boss to your relationship with clients, can come from a deeper sense of teamwork, service, and emotional intelligence.

What does this mean for the Super Busy? When you talk on your cell phone, you can feel the quality and energy of your heart. When you walk down the street on your way to work, you can feel the current of your heart, like the currents, tides, and swell of the ocean. When you meet people, you can connect with their hearts. Perhaps inspiration moves you in new ways. Maybe creativity comes alive in you in ways that you couldn’t imagine. Can your relationships be colored by the texture, fibers, and fragrance of your heart? Could your relationships with your loved ones deepen the quality of love that you’ve always known was inside you? Can love finally flow freely, no longer blocked by the surface drama of your days? The still, quiet power of your heart gets to move about in the world, creating its blessings for all you meet. Maybe people sense something’s changed in you, although they may never know what that is. The scent and fragrance of your heart, its uniqueness, its rare quality, can flow out into the world.

This is my experience of the Tao—being in the flow, following The Way. It is the way of the heart, your heart, no longer a forgotten phrase, but a daily experience.

1 – The still, quiet power of your heart gets to move about in the world
2 – the idea of separation starts to melt

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