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Lawrence Edwards: Awakening Kundalini


The full embrace of life

For the last several years, I’ve been the head of the Kundalini Research Network, lecturing at conferences, teaching, and encountering people from all walks of life who have been touched by Kundalini. In the yogic tradition, Kundalini is described as “ever new,” and now, almost forty-five years since I first heard of Kundalini, She remains as fascinating, fresh, and grace-filled as ever. She is the eternal dancer beckoning us to awaken to the boundless delight of her dance.

From the most expansive perspective of the macrocosm, Kundalini is Shakti, the infinite power of Consciousness that creates the entire universe and everything within it. From an interior, microcosmic perspective, Kundalini creates the universe of body and mind, every cell and every thought, while holding the potential power to directly know what is completely beyond the mind, beyond words, beyond even the imagination. These kinds of self-transcendent experiences, transpersonal in nature, can unfold over time and profoundly impact our lives. Transpersonal experiences come in many ways; they can happen in dreams, in sudden experiences walking down the street, in the midst of nature, or as one woman told me, in the Walmart parking lot! They aren’t all Kundalini-related in the classic yogic sense, but they all reflect our innate power to perceive, to get glimpses of what lies beyond the curtain that marks the boundary of the ordinary mind.

We naturally possess the capability of consciousness to suddenly or progressively go beyond the ordinary confines of the mind-body-self. We all have the ability to experience how transcendent Consciousness can illumine things that the ordinary mind finds quite extraordinary. That’s really what is at the heart of understanding Kundalini as the power of Universal Consciousness. Kundalini is the power of transformation through illumination, revelation, and energetic re-creation of the mind-body vehicle. It is the motive power of every mystical/ spiritual tradition, though each calls it by a different name.

It’s the birthright of every human being to know Kundalini and through this power of grace, to know the Divine as Self. It’s your innate capacity. The term Kundalini may sound foreign, but the power itself is as near to you as your breath. It’s closer to you than any thought; it throbs within you more deeply than your beating heart. It’s present in every aspect of your life.

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