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Fred Kofman: Conscious Business


An invitation to Conscious Business

You know that there is more to work than making money. You know that it is possible to experience great joy as you engage in meaningful work of which you are proud; soulful work that confronts you with challenges and develops your skills; work that is aligned with your mission in life. This is work you enjoy doing for its own sake, work that provides you with significant material and spiritual rewards.

While you do this work, you feel fully absorbed. Time seems to stop and you enter into an extraordinary reality. Difficulties become creative challenges. You feel in control—not because you can guarantee the result, but because you trust yourself and know that you can respond skillfully. This is an ecstatic world that “stands outside” everyday dullness, a world that captures you so thoroughly that you forget yourself. There’s a sense of flow, an experience of hard work performed with ease. Life seems to be living itself effortlessly, and everything that needs to get done gets done.

You may be alone, but you don’t feel lonely. You feel connected to something larger than yourself. Whether people are physically present or not, you feel a bond with a community of purpose. You feel an exquisite intimacy, a sense of belonging to something larger than yourself, and yet completely at one with your true self.
Some people say that work is hell. I claim that work can be heaven. Heaven and hell are not realms of the afterlife; they are states of mind. When you live and work unconsciously, situations seem hellish, but when you intensify the light of awareness, the same situations seem heavenly. I hope this book helps you brighten the light of consciousness for yourself, your organization, and the world.

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