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Cyndi Dale: Your Energetic Boundaries


Your Spiritual Boundaries: Peace on Earth

We are spiritual beings here to experience physical reality, and isn’t that a grand event to celebrate? Unfortunately, most of us are taught that the everyday world is less holy than the one located in the heavens. The truth is, all of earth is an altar to goodness, but the path to living in a sacred and joyful manner must be chosen with wisdom. And wisdom is often hard earned.

Our spiritual energetic boundaries are equally a protection and a goal, the key to awakening our ability to see all things, not just some, as spiritual, no matter their appearances. Transparent white in coloration, this grouping of energy fields surrounds all other energetic boundaries. You could consider it your first guard, the layer of defense that asks, “Does this incoming energy match my spiritual self or not?” Accompanying this query is another: “Are the energetic messages arising from within me communicating my truth to the world or not?”

If healthy, our spiritual boundaries reflect our ever-enlightening spiritual essence, letting in that which will highlight our spiritual powers and gifts and disseminating love to the world. In many ways, these are the most important of all the boundaries, for they illuminate who we really are and help us become the self we are meant to be.

Many religions believe that we become closest to the Divine within a designated place of worship, but we aren’t supposed to be filled with spirit—our own or a greater one—only in church or when we’re being watched. We are heavenly beings here to transform this world into the slice of heaven it was created to become. There’s no right or wrong way to do this, only loving or unloving paths. There are not just a few, limited doorways to the Absolute, but so many of us believe there are. Our spiritual borders are, therefore, both stairways to the paradise we are creating and membranes that keep us safe while we are learning about ourselves.

If our spiritual boundaries are intact, we will know ourselves as spiritual beings, no matter the condition of our lives. Whether we are sick or in good health, depressed or happy, in a primary relationship or alone, we will know ourselves as part of the spiritual family of the living and the passed, the visible and invisible, the natural and the supernatural. We will be assured of grace, the optimum goal of life, or peace in the midst of anything.

On the practical level, we will also embrace the fact that we are here on this planet on this time for a specific purpose, a spiritual mission that is ours alone to fulfill. Our purpose doesn’t have to look majestic in the eyes of the world. Neither must we appear imposing or religious. Our spiritual tasks might include mothering or fathering our children or the inner children within our clients. We might make our living counting figures or carving gravestones. Purposeful expression isn’t really even about what we do for a living. It’s about how we become what we can become.

As we strive to live our purpose through the everyday, we come to know the Divine more personally. We awaken our intuitive faculties and learn to master all things human, from containing a bad temper to paying our bills on time.

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