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Ainslie MacLeod: The Transformation



So, as we’ve seen, your soul’s motivation is to evolve. And it does that by leaving its home on the Astral Plane to blend with your physical self on this plane and learning from all that you experience in this life.

This thirst for experience is why you’re here. And, thanks to the principle of reincarnation, it’s why you’ve been here before and why you’ll be here again.

A one-time incarnation would do little to assist your soul’s growth. You might turn up, keel over at the age of three, and head back from whence you came without really achieving anything you set out to do.

Instead, your soul keeps coming back here, going from one set of circumstances to the next. Like a human pinball, it bounces from location to location, gender to gender, picking up new understanding with every visit until it feels there’s nothing much else to be learned.

Then, after a hundred-and-something incarnations, it shuffles off to the Astral Plane for the last time with the sense of satisfaction you get from a job well done.

The process of reincarnation has been going on for millions of years. That doesn’t mean your soul has been coming to this plane all that time. The oldest souls still currently incarnating have been doing so for something like five or six thousand years. That’s about how long it takes to fit in a good 120 or so lifetimes.

With each passing incarnation, your soul ages. As it does, your perspective changes. Young souls, those who are roughly less than halfway through their many incarnations, still need to learn the big lesson: that we’re all one. They see huge differences in others, especially if they’re a different color, gender, or sexual orientation.

Older souls, having been around the earthly plane for so long, going from male to female in every variety of skin color and ethnicity, feel more connected to others regardless of their outward appearance.

There comes a point when nothing more needs to be accomplished. At that point, your soul leaves the Physical Plane for the Astral Plane, where it will continue to evolve in spirit, if not in body.

(Stage Four Consciousness was previously part of the Astral experience. In the Transformation, it will happen on the Physical Plane.)

The problem with continually coming back to the Physical Plane is that, like a boxer coming out of the corner and back into the fight, your soul takes a fair old battering every time. The more lives you have, the more pummeling you’re going to take.

These assaults on your soul result in trauma. And in subsequent lifetimes, the trauma manifests as fears. These fears may ebb and flow throughout many lives, depending on the triggers and how much you’re able to follow your soul’s motivations. (Many people reach their goals without ever consciously knowing that’s what they’re doing.)

Each lifetime spent in thrall to a particular fear is balanced by the motivation. To take the example of a fear of Loss again, a life as a miser will be karmically balanced by the motivation of Participation. It will impel you to connect with others and help a community in some way.

A practical example of how this process works might be one in which a robber baron from the nineteenth century becomes a community activist helping victims of corporate abuse.

Thanks to my spirit guides and the method they describe in this book, you can recognize your past-life fears from their resonances and begin working on them immediately. Your personal transformation can take place in this lifetime, not some time in the future.

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