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Cyndi Dale: Energetic Boundaries


Your Relational Boundaries: Greening the World

Green is the shade of new life, mowed grass, young leaves, freshness, and the dreams of life. Green is the combination of the yellow of the sun and the blue of the celestial realms. It also represents your relational boundaries, the energetic fields that link all parts of you to yourself, the Divine, and the rest of the world.

Good relationships promote justice, fairness, honor, courage, and the other high virtues. They flourish through accurate and loving communication, care, and compassion. Relationships also require appropriate relational boundaries—boundaries that distinguish us from others, but also invite bonding with others. Ideally, these energy borders turn away the riffraff and certainly any dangers, but set out the welcome mat for joyful friends, partners, and all other sorts of companions, even companion animals.

We’ve all experienced less-than-perfect relationships. Sometimes it may have felt like we didn’t choose to be in those relationships. And maybe we didn’t. We aren’t in charge of whom a company assigns to be our boss. We don’t get to pick our relatives or even our children—at least, not in the sense of ordering what we want out of a catalogue. But we do choose how to respond to people, unless there’s something crooked or distorted about our relational boundaries.

Having strong yet fluid relational boundaries is like wearing the zipper of our hearts on the inside rather than on the outside of us. Our true self is able to decide when to open our hearts and let someone in, or when we’re open to stepping out and mingling. If we’re tired or need a little time alone, we can close ourselves up a little bit or zip up entirely to get the rest we need.

Healthy relational boundaries attract people who will support our spiritual mission and core personality. Such boundaries will deter, if not totally repel, individuals who might hurt, harm, ridicule, or demean us. When someone unappealing or harmful does enter our energy field, we’ll go on high alert. Our intuitive senses will turn on. If the person is a little negative, we’ll get a twinge, a sensation, a bad feeling, maybe even a skip of our heart or a slight headache. If he or she is downright horrific, our internal signal pulls out all the stops. Our heart will hammer; our body will shake. Objects might even knock over in our presence without us touching them, because our boundaries are sending such strong energetic signals. We could receive predictive dreams that show us what could go wrong if we let this person into our lives, or the Divine might speak to us directly or through a friend.

Our relational boundaries are able to protect and alert us through one particular bodily organ and its emanating fields: the heart. This, the most electrical and magnetic organ in your body, is the key to establishing the energetic borders you need to ensure that you have supportive relationships and to save you from disasters.

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