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Danielle LaPorte: The Desire Map



Something phenomenal happens when you start to examine your desires. You get closer to your current reality—all that you can appreciate, and everything you want to change. And you also get closer to your potential. You see the dark side of your clinging, all those things that you’re hammering away at to get—the neediness and the impulse to make demands on the world. And, mercifully, you can see the purity of your longing—all that’s natural and good and divine about what you want out of life.

Desire is the foundation of our will to live. When you cease to desire, you cease to evolve. Your pursuit of the things you want can shift from feverish and anxiety-driven to trusting and fluid. But even with a more liberated consciousness, desire remains the mesh underlying our material existence and our spiritual growth.

When I close my eyes for a minute and consider what I want the most, when I lean into my longings, I get the image of being in a sacred kind of egg where absolutely anything is possible, and at the same time, everything is so stunningly fragile. I become aware of a longing that exists everywhere—in my body, mind, and spirit—in my pounding heart, within my personality, and in the expanse of my Soul.

Desire hurts so good. It is an ache that we will never escape, nor would we want to if we want to be fully alive. When we numb out our natural longings, it affects all of our senses. Even if it seems like it’s taking too long for what we want to arrive, it’s better to stay with the ache than abandon the desire. Feel your way through.

Your desire is revealing. Have a straightforward conversation with it. It’s likely to tell you that you want X because it will make you feel complete. Or that you want Y because it will make you feel powerful. Or that you want Z because it will make you feel free.


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