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Jose Luis Stevens: Awaken the Inner Shaman


This is a book about awakening the most powerful, creative source within you, a core self that has been with you, inside you, since your ageless beginning. This creative, energized core self has always been operating within you, but acts subtly in the background, like an engine idling. It has been waiting for your acknowledgment so that it has permission to engage and release its immense power and influence in your life.

This creative source within you is what I call the Inner Shaman. The deep self has been referred to by many names over the ages. You may know it as Essence, Spirit, Soul, Source, Core Self, I Am, the Way, the Tao, the Christ force, or, perhaps more accurately, by no name at all. I prefer to call it the Inner Shaman because shamanism is the world’s most ancient understanding of the power within. This power within is that which is most true about you—and yet it draws no attention to itself, which is impressive. You are unaware of it. Think of yourself as sitting on a nuclear reactor and not knowing it is there. It is that powerful; it holds that much potential for radical change. This is a testament to its willingness to grant you absolute freedom to acknowledge it or not, to choose it or not, to harness its awesome power or not. The Inner Shaman never coerces, demands, or fights you. It offers no resistance to your thoughts or feelings; rather, it accepts them fully as you wend your way through life.

That said, not all of your thoughts and feelings are in harmony with it, resonate with it, or support its authenticity. The Inner Shaman tolerates these distractions because it is not threatened by them and is in no way harmed by them. In fact, your Inner Shaman ignores most of your experience, just as you might ignore the distant drone of a small plane that has nothing to do with your current focus. By ignoring your experience, it does not intend to be cruel or abandon you; in fact, you benefit from it ignoring your worries, conflicts, judgments, fears, disappointments, and angers. The Inner Shaman simply waits for your sanity, that glimmer of light or recognition on your part. In short, it is waiting for your readiness to be aware of it. Until that moment of your maturity, when the seed within germinates and casts off its outer husk, the Inner Shaman abides. In the meantime, it does not interfere, nor does it encourage anything that lacks power, heart, and true meaning.

Because your Inner Shaman is connected with the truth, it is not fearful; therefore, it is that part of you that is courageous, that part of you that cannot be discouraged, does not become anxious, does not become depressed. In short, your Inner Shaman is that aspect of you that is completely healthy. It is filled with an infinite supply of vitality, creativity, curiosity, inspiration, and deep inner knowing about the appropriate course of action for your life. The Inner Shaman helps you to let go of your need to control yourself and others, and helps you to relax and trust that you are held safely in the arms of life itself. There is a meaningful plan for you; the Inner Shaman knows exactly what that is and will inexorably lead you to it. The only thing that can deter you is fear.

Discovering your Inner Shaman will help you to override any tendency to feel like a victim, to feel disempowered, to fall into laziness and lack of motivation. Embracing the Inner Shaman will make you more efficient and more productive as you systematically erase the energy leaks in your life. Worry is an energy leak, as is being concerned with what others think or how they see you. The Inner Shaman does not care. And yet, at the same time, the Inner Shaman is the energy of love.

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