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Michael Bernard Beckwith: Life Visioning


The Universality of Visioning

Within our core self is an indelible blueprint of unrivaled individuality—the singular being that each of us exists to express. In this three-dimensional movie called “Life” there are no stand-ins, body doubles, or understudies—no one can fill in for us by proxy! Realization of this truth alone eliminates the need to imitate, conform, limit, or betray our loyalty to the originality of Self. Imagine the relief of removing your carefully crafted masks fashioned by societal forms of conditioning and instead responding to what comes into your experience directly from your Authentic Self. One of the first principles to honor in your relationship with yourself is to respect and trust your own inner voice. This form of trust is the way of the heart, the epitome of well-being.

The brilliant Transcendentalist Ralph Waldo Emerson wisely observed that “Every man has this call of the power to do somewhat unique, and no man has any other call.” His words confirm the fact that each of us is a unique, individualized emanation of Source, here to discover and release our inner splendor.

While it’s a well-accepted fact that we create our way of being in the world, sometimes individuals balk at this notion because they would rather give parents, other individuals, God, or circumstances responsibility for their lives being as they are. Self-responsibility separates humans from the rest of Earth’s inhabitants because of our capacity to self-contemplate, to consciously participate in cultivating an awakened consciousness, which raises existential questions relevant to being a spiritual being having a human incarnation. For example: What is my ideal livelihood at this state of my evolution? How can I move into forgiveness and heal my relationship with my parents? Are there really laws governing the universe that I can work with? What really happens after death? Why do I feel that I’ve lived before? Is there a difference between being spiritual and being religious?

There are countless sources to which we can turn for answers, including books, seminars, talk shows, the Web and social media, gurus, religious institutions, motivational speakers, and friends. Even so, what might you discover if you reverse the searchlight from external, exogenous sources and defer to your internal, endogenous capacity? The Life Visioning Process is a practice for becoming more deeply acquainted with yourself and for using what you discover as rich material for taking your next evolutionary leap in consciousness. LVP is a universal method that complements any existing spiritual or psychological practices in which you currently participate. In fact, you may find that it enhances your practices as you vision for the next step in your unfoldment, which may guide you to either drop or include a particular practice, or deepen in those you are currently practicing.

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