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Rara Avis

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Rara Avis is a U.K.-born, West Coast-based composer, performer, and vibrational medicine man. His current focus is on music for the healing arts-dance, yoga, tai chi, massage, meditation-but he also likes to rock out on his guitar from time to time. Hailed as a musical mastermind by LA Yoga Magazine, Rara Avis is known for weaving intricate tapestries of fluent world rhythms, melodies, and harmonies, into genre-defying music that ignites the heart and begs the body to explode into dance. Whether playing improvised world fusion music with the Shaman's Dream (with Craig Kohland shown above), collaborating with Desert Dwellers or composing original electronic music with evocative guitar and vocals, Rara's sound is an ever-evolving palette of vibrational color full of soulful surprises from across the globe.His other releases include Kerala Dream, African Dream, dance:dream;dance and DownTemple Dub. www.raraavis.cc

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