Transformed by Birth

Transformed by Birth

Cultivating Openness, Resilience, and Strength for the Life-Changing Journey from Pregnancy to Parenthood

Our culture bombards us with detrimental ideals that influence how we give birth—including a need for control and certainty, vilification of pain, and reverence for technology and information. Dr. Britta Bushnell will help you clear away unhelpful beliefs and behaviors, so you can open to the depth and power of this life-changing experience. Here she offers practices, rituals, exercises, and more to help you cultivate resilience, strength, and connection during this transformative time.

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Transformed by Birth is the much-needed remedy for all of us striving to do motherhood ‘right.’” —Ellie Knaus, founder and host of the Atomic Moms podcast
As expecting parents, you have access to more information than ever about the “right” approach to pregnancy and childbirth, and you’re likely bombarded by a multitude of opinions about how to give birth. How do you navigate the oceans of information and opinions to discover what matters most to you personally while also preparing for the incredible transformation that can come from bringing a child into this world? With Transformed by Birth, unabridged and read by the author, Dr. Britta Bushnell has created the transformative, intelligent, and empowering pregnancy and childbirth guide you’ve been waiting for. 
This audiobook embraces birth as a rite of passage in which you open to the unbidden, embody your own wisdom, and gain freedom from limiting beliefs.
Parents giving birth today do so within a society highly influenced by underlying ideals—including a need for control and certainty, vilification of pain, and reverence for intellectual knowledge and technology, among others. Dr. Bushnell brings clarity and awareness to these foundational ideals and offers daily practices, rituals, exercises, and more to help you cultivate resilience, power, and connection during this transformative time. 
Childbirth is more than just having a baby. Transformed by Birth invites you to discover that childbirth is an experience that alters your knowing of who you are and lasts long after pregnancy and birth are over.





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