How to Be Loving: The Deck

For Resilience, Kindness, and All Kinds of Idealism
Card Deck - Preorder (Available November 15, 2022)
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Danielle LaPorte offers a deck for her new book, How to Be Loving—to prompt conversations and reflection on the intelligence of the heart.
“THINK WITH LOVE. Open-mindedness—spirituality—is the practice of thinking with love. First, we refer to our heart’s mind for the best way to proceed. Then we recruit the mental mind to support the heart. This is what it means to have our priorities straight.” This is one of seventy-two cards in How to Be Loving: The Deck: For Resilience, Kindness, and All Kinds of Idealism—from bestselling author Danielle LaPorte.
A companion deck for her book and journal of the same title, this collection is substance with a side of playful. Some cards are short paragraphs of deep teachings. Others are poignant one-liners that people will be posting everywhere: “Embrace your contradictions.” “Use your mind for holy purposes.” “Ask your heart what it wants to tell your mind.” 
There are beautiful questions that can be used as conversation starters or journaling prompts, like, “If you were to look at yourself with a loving gaze, what would shift?” Danielle has also sprinkled in textual art cards that are ready for framing or tucking into love notes.
These nourishing words and sweet inquiries are antidotes to the fear-based, limiting scripts we’ve had on repeat for years. As daily writing motivation, oracle cards, date-night cue cards, or on-the-spot inspiration, How to Be Loving: The Deck is for deep thinkers and for people just stepping on the path to healing—themselves and our world.
Format Details
Card Deck - Preorder (Available November 15, 2022)
Contents Card Deck (4C embellished 72-card deck)
Dimensions 4 7/16 x 4 7/16 inches
Product Code KT06149
ISBN Number 978-1-68364-765-2
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Danielle LaPorte

About Danielle LaPorte

Danielle LaPorte is the bestselling author of The Fire Starter Sessions (Random House, 2012). An entrepreneur, social media sensation, and inspirational speaker, Danielle has been featured in Elle, Body + Soul, Vogue Australia, Better Homes & Gardens, Globe & Mail, The National Post, The Huffington Post, Entertainment Tonight, USAToday and She was a news show commentator for CBC, and is a former director of a Washington DC think tank, where she managed a team of analysts studying global trends for the likes of the Pentagon and the World Bank.